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A holistic approach toward seamless transaction reporting

Increased regulation means extended transparency and reporting obligations that will impact every transaction. Transaction reporting entails daily reporting to European regulations like MiFID2, EMIR, SFTR or MAS 160 (Singapore), ASIC (Australian), Dodd Frank (US) and many more. There are specific requirements for each regulation and to have a solution that caters to all the transaction reporting needs can be overwhelming.

Gathering transactions data seamlessly for Exchange traded and OTC Derivatives from multiple trading systems and data sources can be extremely challenging.  Moreover, with recent announcements made by major derivatives exchange in US and a European bank to wind down part of their regulatory reporting services due to the strategic realignment of business lines, we understand reporting firms have additional concerns to transition and transform. Switching to new vendors without impacting the existing business processes may not be as plain sailing as expected

Many RegTech companies are offering cloud-based transaction reporting solutions as an alternative. However, the real challenge for an organization lies internally – to acquire and aggregate the data required for all the reports, since there are so many disjointed, disparate steps involved before the data is ready to be shipped as per the specific regulation requirements.

Hexaware, is here to help!


Hexaware’s Regulatory Transaction Reporting


Regulatory Transaction Reporting is a comprehensive transformation framework to streamline inaccurate reporting that covers all major regulations like MiFID II, SFTR, EMIR 2, MAS 160, ASIC & Dodd Frank. Leveraging cloud-based technologies, it is cost-effective, efficient and reduces 40% of manual efforts.

Hexaware Approach

Leveraging its extensive experience on both ETDs and OTC Derivatives Data management, Hexaware offers a comprehensive framework for regulatory transaction reporting.

With a holistic view, Hexaware lays the foundation for a one-stop solution for all your transaction reporting needs, starting with data aggregation in a harmonized model that is scalable enough to absorb the evolving regulatory needs.

The emphasis is on a single solution that effectively addresses multiple challenges and provides:

  • Timely and accurate transaction reports to respective trade repositories, ARMs, regulatory reporting vendor or to the regulators and NCA’s
  • A foundation for effective governance and compliance
  • Handling of regulatory examinations with confidence
  • Easy integration to source systems

Key Differentiators

  • Exceptions management and reconciliation at a single point
  • Enabling data multi-purposing
  • Significant cost savings and faster time-to-market due to solution accelerators and in-built components like regulatory plug-ins, taxonomy, validations and mapping rules

Insights & Success Stories

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