Leading Global Exchange’s Data Estate Transformation Leading Global Exchange’s Data Estate Transformation

Leading Global Exchange’s Data Estate Transformation

Adobe Transforms the Digital Experience and enables Data Monetization


Our client, a leading global exchange, commands a valuation exceeding $50 billion. With an extensive workforce surpassing 5000 employees, this exchange is renowned for innovation, stability, and resilience.

A top 5 global stock exchange


In the dynamic realm of global exchanges, experiences and data reign supreme. As the lifeblood of decision-making, real-time market insights empower firms to navigate complexities of financial markets as well as aid in informed decision-making for time-bound market movements.

In this fast-paced environment, accurate and timely data sharing is key. But, maintaining an evolving data-sharing environment is a mammoth task. Difficulties with information architecture, data flow across systems, and integration arise as businesses grow both organically and inorganically.

Our client’s digital estate encompasses over 50 websites, mobile applications, trading platforms, data infrastructure, regulatory compliance tools, communication channels, security measures, and customer support and education resources. These assets provide investors, traders, and stakeholders with access to market information, trading tools, regulatory filings, communication channels, and support services, while ensuring data security, regulatory compliance, and user convenience.

The primary challenge faced by our client was centered around the fragmented and subpar user experiences across its websites. As the cornerstone of their global financial operations, our client’s digital presence necessitated a unified, streamlined and user-friendly website to ensure ease of access to the data it churned.

Another significant hurdle was siloed data from multiple platforms and communication channels, hindering the seamless flow of information across systems, platforms and teams. Ensuring robust interconnectivity across its vast digital estate was paramount. In an environment where split-second decisions can significantly impact financial outcomes, any lapse in connectivity could lead to potential missteps or losses.

These issues underscored the critical need for the exchange to address its digital estate inefficiencies, enhance data integration, and ensure connectivity in its information architecture to unlock the full potential of its data assets as the foundation to enable effective data monetization strategies.

Confronted with these challenges, our approach aimed to create a cohesive digital experience, data-sharing strategy for data consumers as well as its workforce, equipping the exchange with new age digital and data capabilities.


Adobe Experience Cloud: Unified, Intuitive Information Architecture

Our solution, built on Adobe Experience Cloud, included the following aspects:

  • Transformative Experiences: We implemented a unified digital experience platform fostering impactful data integration and improved data exchange capabilities for our client’s end users.
  • Redesigned Information Architecture: We ensured that the primary brand and sub brands pages were easily reachable and accessible thereby growing meaningful consumer engagement.
  • eCommerce Experience: A strategic approach to build a data monetization eCommerce experience.
  • Atomic Design Principles: We standardized and unified our client’s design system, introduced atomic design principles, and unleashed business agility, composability, and reuse capabilities.
  • Global Component Library: We have created a set of design components that can be used across every brand. These components are designed in a way that allows them to be easily adapted and reused across digital journeys for every brand.
  • Experiential Analytics Implementation: Consumer journey optimization takes center stage with experiential analytics. We partnered with our client to uncover new data capabilities and insights to optimize consumer experiences.
  • Superior Authoring Experience with AEM: We elevated content creation for our client with a superior no-code authoring experience using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).
  • Redefined Content Strategy: We partnered with the client to streamline their content strategy to deliver a less overwhelming, more easily navigable experience. The new strategy included a 97% reduction of content on the site (i.e., 6,000+ pages trimmed down to 170).
  • Contextual Search Using Elastic Search: We introduced a new dimension in search functionality with contextual search powered by Elastic, where precision meets speed.


Our client was introduced to a digital realm where user experience takes center stage. With a new data-sharing experience, its data consumers availed intuitive online journeys with easy access to the primary brand and sub-brand pages, data, and information. Ultimately, with an upgraded content strategy and enhanced search capabilities, our client’s audience benefits from a truly immersive digital experience.

Our solution upgrades the stock exchange’s digital estate with:

Unified Information Architecture (IA)

The IA design was unified, simplifying navigation and improving the website user experience.

Onboarding Sub-brands to a Unified Platform

Integration of sub-brands onto a unified platform ensures a consistent and cohesive cross-brand experience and relationships with the parent brand.

Easily Accessible Knowledge Resources

Improved information architecture, taxonomy, tagging, and contextual search functionality.

New Consumer Solutions for Insights

Data consumers can access business tools such as regulatory news service (RNS), Una Vista, and a share price tracker.

Digital Engagement Growth

Experienced a remarkable growth of 28% in digital engagement within approximately one year.

Industry-leading Accessibility Standards

Accessibility standards compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Achieved an outstanding 98% customer satisfaction rate, garnering accolades across the board.

New Revenue Stream

Successfully established a new revenue stream through data monetization, further enhancing business sustainability and growth.

The transformation makes our client’s digital experience simple, intuitive, and consumer-centric. It structures experiential analytics over captured data to generate timely and actionable insights.


We embarked on a strategic digital estate transformation journey for a top 5 global exchange, aiming to enhance brand cohesion and improve information access by unifying and transforming their websites and underlying systems and platforms into a robust Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with eCommerce journeys for data monetization.

The resulting DXP offers its data consumers a more intuitive platform, now serving as the central hub of global financial operations and making critical market data more accessible than ever before.

Overall, this Digital Business Transformation has revolutionized digital experience, equipping our client with advanced digital and data capabilities that not only bolster their market presence but also empower their workforce.

By leveraging the state-of-the-art DXP, they remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving global financial landscape. With an atomic principles and cloud-native approach, they seamlessly adapt to market shifts and user demands, ensuring their platforms maintain a competitive edge and easily adapt to the latest trends.

Beyond the surface, we propelled a brand value boost, uplifting brand prominence and generating more traffic to this new-age digital experience platform on the Adobe Experience Cloud.


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