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Tensai®-led Automation in Financial Services Yields 415% ROI Tensai®-led Automation in Financial Services Yields 415% ROI

Tensai®-led Automation in Financial Services Yields 415% ROI

End-to-end financial services automation for efficiency and experience transformation


The client is a major global investment bank and financial services firm based in Europe that advises its customers in all aspects of finance around the clock in over 50 countries. It is one of the nine global bulge bracket banks providing services in investment banking, private banking, asset management, and shared services. 


The problem faced by the client:


  • Complexities in end-to-end infrastructure management processes, including end-user services, patching of applications, and decommissioning of servers
  • Increased cycle time and manual efforts resulted in diminished efficiency and value delivered



  • Multiple IT service catalogs with manual provisioning and support that necessitated automation
  • Diverse environment and complex operations impacted the user experience adversely
  • Aligning stringent timelines for data center (DC) build-out, transformation, and migration of workloads with compliance

What the client needed:

The client sought to improve operational efficiencies and transform user experiences. The key components of their requirements included:

  • Identification and development of user personas and journeys
  • User enablement through personalization
  • Identification and implementation of financial services automation opportunities
  • Utilization of a service transformation framework
  • Measurement of employee experience


Hexaware performed a complete assessment and recommended Tensai®, our comprehensive automation platform, which transforms enterprise IT build and run processes. We took a modular, iterative approach to minimize disruption to the business and delivered end-to-end automation across functions.

Solution approach:

Hexaware collaborated closely with customer stakeholders to identify opportunities for automation in financial services and address gaps in their operations. To facilitate this, we established a 3-tiered automation team:

  • Process design team: This team was tasked with validating opportunities through ROI analysis and technical feasibility. They worked towards creating a blueprint for automated financial services. Once formalized, the use case was handed over to the bot factory team for development.
  • Bot factory team: Responsible for curating and deploying automation use cases into production with minimal human intervention.
  • Support team: This team was responsible for maintaining and supporting automation use cases and the overall environment.


The automation roadmap involved the following implementation milestones:

  • Redesigned the services and optimized processes before automation
  • Enabled end-to-end automation of the complete provisioning conveyor belt utilizing automation of infrastructure processes
  • Identified and developed user personas and user journeys
  • Identified automation opportunities using a service transformation framework and measured employee experience
  • Designed 50+ services, 75+ integrations, and 180+ automated request forms
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing robust automation
  • Increased IT service adoption
  • Ensured better compliance through frequent patching
  • Enhanced user experience and expedited operations


Our automation platform Tensai®, with its three dimensions of agility, efficiency, and experience for continuous application orchestration, run optimization, and total experience automation, delivered exponential value to the client characterized by:

  • 415% ROI (committed benefits over 3 years)
  • Automated provisioning of >10k requests per annum
  • >98% success rate
  • 30+ automation use cases
  • 80% reduction in cycle time
  • 70% reduction in manual intervention and effort
  • 37% savings in OpEx
  • Savings of up to 3,200 hours of human efforts per month through automation
  • Outcome-based pricing model


The client benefited from our holistic approach to driving intelligent IT automation involving identifying automation opportunities, redesigning services, optimizing processes, and measuring employee experience. The global bank increased efficiency and IT service adoption, enhanced user experience, and achieved faster operations with committed benefits of 415% ROI over 3 years.

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