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Enterprises have realized that it is not an easy feat to keep up with the constant shifts in the market and maintain a competitive edge at the same time. They need the boost of digital adoption that is backed by AI to transform their operations to save costs, improve productivity and gain agility without compromising security and compliance. Automating operations can prove to be a real differentiator here and determining the focus areas that need to be automated, is crucial.


To achieve the desired outcomes, the three domains that need to be automated are:

  • Business User Operations
  • Enterprise IT Operations
  • Application Build and Release Lifecycle

To cater to your organization’s automation needs, Hexaware brings you Tensai – an automation platform that offers a robust and financially sustainable solution with enhanced capabilities such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It equips an enterprise with:

  • Agility through Build-to-Release Automation
  • Efficiency through Release-to-Retire Automation
  • Experience through Employee Services Automation


Tensai for Digital Run


Tensai offerings for Build-to-Release Automation-

Tensai for Build:

Amplify your savings 4x with Tensai for Build – a centralized cloud management platform that comes with ready-to-use application blueprints and one-click deployments.

Tensai for Assurance:

4X reduction in QA cycle time by eliminating manual efforts up to 90% through ATOP, click here to learn more.

Tensai for Release:

Improve your release velocity by 300% with Tensai for Release – a technology-agnostic DevOps platform for CD/CI.

Tensai offerings for Release-to-Retire Automation

Tensai for AI Ops:

Improve your uptime and save on your Opex with Tensai for AI Ops that offers AI/ML-based anomaly detection and pattern recognition. Eliminate your performance bottlenecks and automate tasks by replicating user actions with Tensai for AI Ops.

Tensai for Cloud:

Save big on your cloud spends with Tensai for Cloud that offers automated cloud deployment, DR management and cloud compliance.

Tensai Offering for Employee Services Automation

Tensai for User Experience:

Elevate user experience by 3x with Tensai for User Experience that offers user lifecycle management, health monitor and self-heal station, and self-service through bots and virtual assistant.

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