Centralization & Technology Transformation for a Major European Stock Exchange  Centralization & Technology Transformation for a Major European Stock Exchange 

Centralization & Technology Transformation for a Major European Stock Exchange 

Process harmonization for enhanced end-user experience 


The client is a Europe-based stock exchange and financial information company. They provide software and data solutions for Financial and Risk Professiona


The client had acquired a firm that is a global financial market data and infrastructure provider. Their primary challenge was the integration of systems after the acquisition. 

To support the transformation, optimize processes, and drive excellent end-user experience, the client wanted to implement an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution enabled by ServiceNow to address the complexity in the processes and inconsistency in UX that lead to inefficient handoffs between teams. 

Centralization and transformation of key corporate functions was another vital business imperative. Due to the acquisition process, the client was undergoing notable changes within its corporate services capabilities. Inconsistent user experience, increased complexity, and reduced efficiency demanded bringing everyone under the same umbrella to enhance the interaction. 


The Hexaware solution focused on seamlessly integrating disparate systems, breaking down silos, and enhancing user experiences. The transformation roadmap involved: 

  • Designing and building personas for permanent employees, consultants, contractors, and line managers. 
  • Creating user journeys (onboarding, movers, and leavers) 
  • Harmonizing process flow for both entities to provide a single user journey supporting all personas 
  • Simplifying the architecture and infrastructure with reduced hand-offs and workflow-based end-to-end integration solutions. 
  • Streamlining the digital tech infrastructure to enable digitization and automation 
  • Automating request fulfillment for JML (Java Modelling Language) 
  • Creating a service catalog to include travel requests, a knowledge base, and function pages on SharePoint for payroll and expenses. 


  • 50% improvement in line manager efficiency 
  • Consistent user experience and enhanced productivity 
  • Seamless and intuitive user experience for customer service delivery 
  • Reduced service requests as users can leverage contextual knowledge base articles 
  • Real-time updates and transparency of services 


Hexaware helped the client overcome the silos and integrate and digitalize process engagement while ensuring a consistent people experience across the organization. The centralization and technology transformation after the merger was a rewarding journey for the leading stock exchange and enabled competitive agility and maximum business value.  

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