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Harnessing the Power of AI with Tensai®: The Ultimate Knowledge Ecosystem Solution

Digital IT Operations

May 18, 2023


In today’s world, IT support has become an essential part of any business. With the increasing demand for accurate and efficient support, there is a growing need for a dynamic and scalable knowledge ecosystem. Traditional knowledge builders are inefficient, cumbersome, and lack customization.

To address these challenges, we have crafted a solution – Tensai, which leverages cutting-edge generative AI technology to develop a platform that provides high accuracy and dynamic knowledge ecosystems. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Tensai addresses the shortcomings of traditional knowledge builders and how its AI-powered features help IT organizations become more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric.

The Problem with Traditional Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is vital to every business today, especially in IT operations. Building and maintaining knowledge artifacts such as FAQs, standard operating procedures, and knowledge articles are essential to support end-users and solve their issues. However, traditional knowledge management systems can take much work to use and maintain. Often, they need more customization and interactivity, making them challenging to adapt to unique customer environments. As a result, tech support teams need help to solve issues, leading to low customer satisfaction and long resolution times.

Moreover, building knowledge ecosystems can be a complex process with a high dependency on subject matter expertise. This dependency poses a significant challenge for organizations, especially when dealing with new and emerging technologies. For example, if a company introduces new technology and the subject matter experts leave the organization, there may be a knowledge gap, leading to reduced operational efficiency and increased costs.

Tensai: The Solution to Knowledge Ecosystem Building

Created by Jith M., Chief Technologist and Transformation Leader, Hexaware Technologies, Tensai leverages cutting-edge generative AI technology to securely and efficiently generate knowledge artifacts.

It is an innovative solution that harnesses the potential of generative AI technology to create dynamic, scalable, and high-accuracy knowledge ecosystems. With Tensai, IT organizations can quickly and securely generate accurate, reliable knowledge artifacts that enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing, leading to informed decision-making and high customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Tensai offers powerful features that revolutionize how knowledge ecosystems are built and maintained. Let’s look at the key features that make it stand out.

  • Generative AI: Tensai uses cutting-edge generative AI technology to efficiently generate knowledge artifacts and empower IT organizations with accurate and reliable information.
  • Custom Learning Modules: Tensai provides customized learning modules that help generate dynamic knowledge artifacts, making it easy for users to interact with the AI and ensure sensitive or controlled information is not fed to the engine.
  • Partner Ecosystem: Tensai integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow and IDPs for SSO, making it a versatile solution for various IT ecosystems.
  • Intuitive UI: Tensai’s highly intuitive user interface provides a controlled interaction medium to interact with the AI, ensuring sensitive or controlled information is not fed to the engine.
  • Dashboards with Insights: Tensai provides customized dashboards that give insights into the knowledge artifacts generated, making it easy for users to understand the performance and effectiveness of the system.

At the heart of Tensai’s knowledge ecosystem lies a governed development workflow that ensures high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge artifacts. The roles of author, reviewer, approver, viewer, and administrator are clearly defined and assigned within the system. This enables efficient collaboration and feedback cycles, resulting in faster knowledge-building and higher-quality outcomes. The workflow is transparent and customizable, enabling organizations to build the process that best fits their needs.

One of the notable features of Tensai’s learning modules is the utilization of SBERT. SBERT, short for Sentence-BERT, is a cutting-edge technology that leverages Siamese and triplet networks to encode sentences into fixed-dimensional vectors. These vectors capture the contextual meaning of the sentences, allowing for efficient semantic similarity comparison and information retrieval. By incorporating SBERT into its learning modules, Tensai ensures that the knowledge artifacts are accurate, reliable, and semantically meaningful.

Use Cases

Below, we will explore two use cases that demonstrate the power of Tensai in generating dynamic and customizable knowledge artifacts. These use cases showcase the benefits of using Tensai for effective IT support and how it can help organizations stay ahead of the curve in their knowledge management efforts.

Example 1: Tensai uses a sophisticated learning module that identifies redactable attributes and masks them before sending the input to the AI engine for processing. In this way, the AI can generate accurate, reliable responses without compromising the security or privacy of sensitive data.

Example 2: Tensai’s interactive user interface streamlines the creation of knowledge articles for different service towers. Users can input taxonomical information such as the service tower, tool (e.g., Veeam), category, and subcategories. Additionally, they can provide a brief description, error codes (if applicable), and the problem details. Leveraging this input, Tensai generates precise and accurate articles. This efficient approach empowers tech support teams to effectively address customer inquiries, providing them with the necessary information to deliver optimal solutions.


Using Tensai, businesses can expect significant improvements in key performance indicators such as efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings. With Tensai, organizations have reported a 3x increase in efficiency, a 30-40% customer satisfaction increase, and a 50% reduction in knowledge ecosystem management costs. These benefits are the direct result of Tensai’s intuitive UI, controlled generation of knowledge artifacts, and customizable redaction capabilities, making it the best choice for companies looking to build dynamic, scalable, and accurate knowledge ecosystems.

About the Author

Sanjesh Rao

Sanjesh Rao

Sanjesh Rao, a visionary leader in the tech industry and Vice President of Product Strategy for an innovative AIML-enabled extreme automation platform. With Sanjesh's expert guidance, this cutting-edge platform is revolutionizing the way businesses operate by providing an automation fabric that seamlessly integrates AI, machine learning, and other technologies to create an end-to-end automation solution. Sanjesh's leadership has also spearheaded the development of AIOps capabilities, which leverage AI and automation to improve IT operations and enable faster problem resolution. With a proven track record of success in driving growth and innovation, Sanjesh is a dynamic and forward-thinking executive who is at the forefront of the next generation of automation technology.

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