Technology Transformation for a Major US-based Healthcare Insurer Leveraging Extreme Automation Technology Transformation for a Major US-based Healthcare Insurer Leveraging Extreme Automation

Technology Transformation for a Major US-based Healthcare Insurer Leveraging Extreme Automation

IT Build and Run process automation with Tensai®


The client is a national leader in healthcare solutions for people at a low-income level or the chronically ill. They serve over 5 million members in the US and provide award-winning managed care health plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, long-term services and supports (LTSS), behavioral health, and pharmacy benefits management. 


The client’s technology stack and applications needed modernization, and they were looking to relocate their data center. They were struggling to gain visibility across applications. They faced challenges with: 

Legacy infrastructure and technologies were impacting run operations and compromising agility. 

Lack of a robust CMDB with visibility across servers, network devices, services, and interdependencies. 

Flexibility, Scalability & Time to Market 
Lack of I&O automation with longer infrastructure build-out cycles impacting efficiency and experience. 

Aligning stringent timelines for DC build-out, transformation, and migration of workloads with compliance. 


The solution leveraged Tensai®, our comprehensive automation platform that transforms enterprise IT Build and Run processes through extreme automation to deliver true business value.  

The automation-led solution roadmap involved the following milestones: 

  • Managed interdependencies of 5000+ workloads, dealing with complexities around the integration of applications. 
  • Leveraged Tensai® to automate workflows around provisioning and hybrid cloud management and enable 360-degree insights. 
  • Designed and developed a DR/BCP solution capable of failover/failback of 300+ applications with near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) & less than a 1-hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO). 
  • Developed an automated conveyor-belt protocol to handle automated mapping of CIs to change requests and incidents, delivering an accurate CMDB. 
  • Designed and developed an automated DR solution to achieve a one-click failover/failback of any application or group of applications within minutes to meet a very aggressive RTO and RPO, compared to 67% of business processes having an RTO of 4 hours or less. 
  • Automated the seamless migration of 10K+ users to the O365 platform, archiving 100TB+ data with zero downtime. 
  • Streamlined, automated infrastructure provisioning processes with cost-approval-based workflows 


Zero Downtime with Automated Migration 

47% Savings in TCO from Private Cloud Build-out 

98% reduction in Cycle Time for a VM 

360° Insights for Informed Decision-Making 


Our client, a leading US-based healthcare insurer, sought to reimagine their technology stack to drive digital transformation and achieve agility. Their legacy infrastructure was impacting run operations. The lack of a robust configuration management database (CMDB) and infrastructure and operations (I&O) automation affected operational efficiency and hampered experience.  

The Hexaware solution driven by Tensai® ensured operational efficiencies and competitive agility. Data center build-out, transformation, and migration with thorough compliance helped the client maximize value. The three dimensions of Tensai®, defined by agility, efficiency, and experience, helped deliver 47% savings in Total Cost of Operations (TCO) from the private cloud build-out and 360-degree insights for informed decision-making. 

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