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Services Overview

Hybrid Cloud

Hexaware’s Consulting Services help in identifying the right strategy, features and requirements for the cloud platform. The transition from a centralized data center to a virtualized IT environment is a gargantuan task. The major technological shift calls for expertise and a comprehensive solution which must allow seamless migration and realize full benefits of Cloud Computing. Hexaware’s Hybrid Cloud solution provides a vast portfolio of services covering Discover & Assess, Design & Build, Migrate and Operate across private and public cloud environments. We also help identify the key use cases that will provide maximum ROI. We start with the Cloud Maturity Assessment where we Assess business and IT drivers, analyze existing workloads and applications, business, technology and operational processes and document the maturity level of the customer’s organization. We advise relevant services depending on the maturity level.

Hexaware’s CloudSwiftIP Framework is a one-stop-shop for the entire lifecycle of cloud enablement and operate. It is an automated way of performing Assessment, Planning and Migration to Operations and Orchestration. It not only accelerates your cloud migration journey but also provides intelligence on workload suitability for cloud, application transformation and automation. With our advisory services you can:

  • Achieve Speed: Accelerate the cloud migration projects for enterprises by leveraging Hexaware IPs and accelerators that are integrated across the entire lifecycle
  • Remove technical debt such as code duplications, obsolete technologies, bad architectural choices, etc.
  • Execute complex migrations of applications and workload to cloud: Modernize, Re-factor, Re-write legacy applications to leverage cloud-native functionalities
  • Adopt Automation: Leverage build automation, provisioning automation and DevOps automation across the entire lifecycle of workload migration to the cloud

Cloud Migration & Enablement

Cloud computing is no longer defined as just “The public cloud”. Cloud services can now be deployed as public, private or both. Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premise, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

Hexaware believes that adopting a hybrid cloud approach combines the best elements of both public and private clouds. The private cloud component provides the lowest latency and perhaps, the best security for sensitive information. Alternatively, when combined with a public cloud component, the extra compute power is there to remove any burden from the private cloud. That could be during a seasonal spike or with archival data that doesn’t need to be accessed frequently.

CloudSwift CAsE

Discovery, Assessment and Planning of workloads is indeed the most important aspect of any Cloud Migration project. CAsE tool is an automated way of discovery and assessment of your workloads. The discovery can be done in multiple environments across many datacenters with a single view of all the devices and software.

The key features of CAsE are:

  • Agent-less discovery
  • Application and services mapping
  • Performance heat map
  • TCO & price modelling for Cloud

Cloud Clarion

Financial Management on cloud – Public cloud landscape is growing at a fast rate. There is increased impetus on migrating applications from on-prem IT to public cloud as well as all new build on public cloud. This requires a holistic view of the complete environment to help manage, optimize and govern the cloud. Hexaware’s Cloud Clarion generates a complete picture of the cloud environment including billing details, multi-accounts, resources, configurations, permissions, changes and provides recommendations to help optimize the cloud costs.

Key features of Hexaware’s Cloud Clarion tool:

  • Spend optimization
  • Right sizing recommendations
  • TCO reduction
  • Security and compliance management
  • Best practice check

Make your cloud migration journey cost-effective

Optimizing Spend@Cloud suite enables enterprises, managed service providers and resellers to lower the cloud costs, increase profit and maintain a secure infrastructure

Network Consulting

Network architectures have become increasingly aligned to application architectures and are expected to adapt themselves to the needs of applications. The scale of today’s data centers goes up to 400Gbps of bandwidth at the access layers. The WAN and remote offices are also given equal importance for the sake of end user experience. Lead technology reports expect that more than 80% of enterprises would move away from legacy to state of the art network technologies. HexaNETSDX, a flagship Network Research and Engineering Program of Hexaware, helps assess customer’s application access requirements and their current infrastructure and comes out with a next generation architecture which comprises of Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Application Centric Networks. Hexaware also invests time in understanding different Intent-Based Networking Solutions (IBNS) in the market and can help conduct proof of concept for customers to understand the business and operational benefits around IBNS.

HexaNETSDX focuses on:

  • SDN and NFV architectures
  • Agility by leveraging programmability of SDN and NFV networks
  • Automation through RAISE IT bringing down costs by improving operational efficiency


Automation of activities can enable businesses to improve performance by reducing errors and improving quality and speed; in some cases, achieving outcomes that go beyond human capabilities. Automation also contributes to productivity, as it has done historically.

Hexaware’s strategy for automation is built on ITaaS (IT as a Service) approach; enabling customers to deliver IT services to its application developers, testers and line of business teams. This allows IT to be a strategic enabler of the business—allowing users of technology services to take control of the process and work at their own speed.

Hexaware has a keen focus on automation with its AUTOMATE EVERYTHING™ approach and has aligned it with the various service offerings it takes to the market.

Service Offerings

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