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The explosive growth and scale of the worldwide e-commerce industry exceed today’s operating capacity for most companies. As the world entered 2020, social distancing and lockdowns were enforced to control the pandemic, requiring traditional retailers to adopt an e-commerce model quickly. This transition faced multiple challenges, including a low volume of customer reviews and poor ratings on 3rd party review engines that impacted sales conversion significantly.

Hexaware’s User Generated Content offering helps in managing user generated content for ecommerce. We enable an effective user generated content strategy and provide optimal user generated content moderation to foster a trusted environment that encourages maximum sales conversion. Our solutions improve customer engagement, brand value and customer sentiment by addressing the 3-C aspect of the retailer journey:

  • Contribute: Encourages online reviews via traditional campaigns and motivates users to do more by gamifying the experience. This process increases user generated content – UGC by means of user reviews and comments. Increased volumes of user generated content improve traffic to the website and that in turn improves page ranking (SEO)
  • Control: Provides an automated solution that combines AI/ML moderation (text, image, audio and video) and human intervention to identify and remove content such as fake reviews, abusive/indecent content, hate speech
  • Convert: Accelerates buyer’s decision-making using a suite of metrics that measures customer sentiment, customer engagement and page ranking to just window shopping into actual purchase conversions.

Why Hexaware?

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Unique end-to-end solution from content moderation to sales conversions providing a one-stop shop

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We are committed to optimal improvement in brand sentiment by creating communities of brand advocates across social media channels

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