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September 9, 2020

The marketing landscape has changed into a ‘martech’ one. Disruptive technology continues to drive this change and make it all-pervasive. Marketing today is less about persuading customers to buy, subscribe or consume a product or service, but more about helping the customer make an informed decision. The enlightened marketer of current times is thus more involved in ensuring that relevant communication channels carry information that is focused, relevant and easily consumable.

This need for information has fueled a content explosion. Traditional marketing agencies are struggling to define and deliver content to support this explosion. Future marketers are in dire need of a new structure that will help hyperscale this process.

Hexaware’s business process services help modern marketing enterprises hyperscale content creation and delivery via a future-focused agency – Hyperscaled Content Studio.

Our solution addresses the changing dynamics of the marketing function to accomplish:

  1. Digital channels are always first and often the sole premium channel, and a high volume of digital assets are the only assets that matter
  2. They address an extensive and diverse martech landscape to support the proliferation of digital channels
  3. Provide a consistent brand experience across every touchpoint available for a consumer to interact with the brand
  4. Manage the complexities of a global marketplace with a content strategy that addresses global cultural nuances


Traditional agencies lack the finesse and expertise to address these challenges. However, this model is structurally aligned to address these trials and more that include but are not restricted to:

  1. Digital channels need digital assets at scale – Hyperscaled Content Studio addresses this via a flexible resourcing model. Hexaware’s core-flex model brings in the right mix of resources on an as-per-need basis to support a variable resourcing and cost structure that helps marketing offices scale up or down on demand
  2. Our ecosystem of alliances helps address diverse requirements and ensure that the team at the agency is ahead of the curve, across martech platforms. Besides, each team member at Hexaware gets the opportunity to get trained and work on diverse technology stacks – this helps improve efficiencies across processes
  3. Brand governance is a crucial deliverable at the agency – the model enables you to provide an orchestration layer to govern the brand across channels and geographies
  4. Dedicated global teams with a single-window communication and a solitary global chain of command to execute global processes


The solution is built on two pillars that forms the bedrock of modern marketing functions. These are:

  1. Marketing data and insights that are addressed in the marketing data hub. 
  2. Digital assets and content that are created and distributed via the content factory


These two pillars in unison augment today’s marketing team and provide the fuel and ammunition needed to establish a brand presence across every marketing channel that matters.

These factories work closely with each organization’s internal teams across products, technologies and research to help them communicate and ensure good content availability for customers to make informed purchase decisions.

The modern marketing office does not have an option but to embrace this change. Hexaware’s Hyperscaled Content Studio makes this process simpler by providing a construct that is industrialized and ready to engage.

About the Author

Nirmal Mazumdar

Nirmal Mazumdar

Nirmal Mazumdar heads the content management and marketing offerings for Hexaware BPS. He has over 20 years of experience in this domain and has helped customers across the globe transform and unlock value from their marketing operations. He is passionate about marketing automation and improving marketing efficiencies.

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