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As the retail industry witnesses a shift from traditional catalogs to digital catalogs, it has been challenging to cope with increasing demands of consistently differentiating, classifying, and maintaining product data from wherever, whenever and however it is accessed. Product Information Management (PIM) is crucial in meeting today’s marketing challenges. Despite PIM’s growing importance, many companies are struggling to implement an effective data management strategy.

Hexaware’s Product Information Management solution focuses on creating, maintaining, and updating product information to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness across multiple digital product catalogs. It introduces a common new item form (NIF) as the single data capture source that integrates with Product Information Management and other databases. Hexaware assimilates the product data, measures the content score, performs benchmarks and defines attributes that drive differentiation. 

Why Hexaware?

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Proprietary category agnostic objective content scorecard that measures 14 critical parameters

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Unique end-to-end enterprise content audit framework that identifies gaps and remediates content to ensure all SKUs meet the defined thresholds

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On-demand scalable and flexible workforce 

Committed Outcomes

  • Over 98% content consistency and completeness across categories and e-commerce platforms 
  • 20% plus improvement in content quality score

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