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In the current day of ‘online is where everyone is’, dynamic content is essential for attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and improving overall customer engagement. Marketing organizations face the challenge of producing high volumes of differentiated content that resonate with their customers. Traditional agencies and marketing teams are unable to scale up their marketing operations services or come up with smart marketing strategies to meet this explosion in content volume. They also lack in the optimal usage of social media monitoring tools for assessing performance of products and services on social media platforms and getting insightful data, through specialized social media analytics for brand monitoring, sentiment analysis and accurate predictions.

Hyperscale Multi-Channel Content Creation

Hexaware offers a global domain rich content factory that adds hyperscale multi-channel digital marketing content production and support. Our solution uses a single content sourcing framework to establish an improved brand presence across all relevant marketing channels. We also utilize development accelerators to convert static content into interactive content that engages with the customer. Our approach augments content collection and delivery while reducing the effort of product and brand SMEs by automating the content publishing process using our ecosystem of alliance partners, including Adobe, Sitecore, and Salesforce.

Social Media Command Center

Social networks, forums, and blogs have become essential outlets for customers to voice their opinions on a particular product or brand. Organizations must leverage social media as an effective channel to monitor, identify, and address social conversations. 

 Hexaware’s Social Media Command Center closely monitors, listens to, and analyzes customer sentiment across social channels to maintain and improve brand value. Through our automated sentiment analysis platform, companies can increase their brand awareness by understanding their customer’s perceptions and monitoring trends across multiple channels in real-time. Customer insights from social conversations help run proactive lead generation and brand building campaigns. 

Why Hexaware?

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Deep understanding of the millennial mindset

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Self-funding, real-time advertising/marketing across social media channels

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Single content sourcing framework with one master source across multiple channels

Committed Outcomes

  • 50-70% Increase in content created at current cost
  • 15-25% increase in positive customer sentiment
  • 30% increase in brand recall
  • Decrease turnaround time for publishing and updating newer content across all digital channels

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