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Marketing as a function is evolving and has been urging brands to streamline operations across all facets. Generally, brands collaborate with marketing agencies that deliver all marketing functions under a single roof. However, present time challenges reinforce the emerging need to further restructure the marketing organization for maximum business efficiency.

Hexaware has been challenging status quo in the technology sector since inception. In marketing operations, Hexaware brings in a fresh perspective for delivering services that would modernize the current marketing enterprise landscape. Hexaware’s Marketing Operations services focus on the operations and production portion of the marketing while strategy and original brand creatives are retained by the traditional agency or the client. Hexaware will handle the execution, management and tracking aspects of the marketing activities.

Hexaware is an innovation-led outcome driven service provider that leverages an automation first approach to offer services across multiple verticals. Our execution strategy directly impacts the most critical marketing metrics that helps organizations to derive maximum value from their marketing budgets.

Our Service Offerings

  • User Generated Content for E-commerce

    Current day e-commerce retailers face multiple challenges in terms of incorrect and insensitive customer reviews as well as ratings across third party engines that instil lack of trust and tarnishes the brand image for these enterprises. Hexaware helps these retailers improve their lead to sales conversions by generating high-impact user reviews that help the retailers’ end customers make an informed decision.

    Hexaware’s offering addresses the retailer challenges via ‘3C’ requirement:

    • Contribute – Leveraging traditional campaigns and gamification to contribute towards user reviews and product experiences across various e-commerce platforms and the retailer’s social media channels.
    • Control – Supporting via AI/ML based technology solutions to moderate and control the type of content being posted in addition to a team of experienced human moderators who help ensure that clean and appropriate content is aired
    • Convert – Ensuring that the shoppers have ranked, rated and filtered user content at their disposal to make the right decision

  • E-commerce Catalogue Operations

    To deal with humongous volumes of product data, there is the need for retailers to have an efficient product information management framework in place. We aid in automated, intelligent solutions that help accelerate adoption of capabilities promoting sustainable cost takeout. Our solution is based on the correctness, effectiveness and completeness of content on the client website or other platforms as a key metric.

    Hexaware’s solution differentiates via a combination of three levers:

    • Automation of Data Capture – Driving customer specific RPA interventions to capture data in optimal time, with lesser cost and effort implications, from supplier input to the system. We provide automation innovations that enhance productivity and help strengthen your business.
    • Enterprise view of PIM (Product Information Management) – Hexaware’s solution is based on managing product data and content to help clients market and sell products. The solution comprises of conducting content audit as a part of the process to identify gaps, thereafter which homogenizing and cleansing of the entire data within the system is done.
    • Improvement of End-user Experience – Focused omnichannel content with personalization and quality-driven targeting of catalogue creatives viz. focusing on product images and videos on the website and marketing platforms to derive best output.

  • Hexaware’s Hyperscaled Content Studio

    Conventional agencies and marketing teams are unable to scale up to meet this explosion in content volumes. Making marketing motivate purchase and innovating digital marketing for impactful impressions to address changing dynamics of marketing landscapes is our endeavour. Hexaware’s Hyperscaled Content Studio brings in a unique content delivery model that works on hyperscaling marketing content production but reduces the effort of product and brand SMEs. Our approach is to orchestrate and augment content collection and delivery.

    Hexaware differentiates itself from the industry peers via:

    • Single Content Sourcing Framework – A master content source for content collation that systematically sweeps multichannel content and creative derivatives
    • Expertise-led Resource Mix – A designated team to conduct research and create content on behalf of top executives thus hyperscaling content delivery

  • Web Content Management Shared Service

    A customer-facing website for any organization comprises of numerous pages of content that need to be updated on a regular basis. While the COVID pandemic has reinforced a content explosion across almost every industry vertical, this has created a need for rapid publishing and updating content.

    Hexaware’s offering is dedicated to consumer facing organizations where the website is an important mode of customer communication. Organizational requirements and market changes demand frequent website requests across multiple geographical locations and languages.

    Hexaware differentiates itself from the industry peers via:

    • 24×7 Coverage – Hexaware’s robust delivery framework supports web content updates 24×7 with global delivery locations
    • Superior Resource Utilization – Deploying of a centralized system to lighten the load on resources across fragmented divisions and utilizing those efforts where they really matter

  • Social Media Command Center

    Social media plays an important role in generating business insights that drive critical business decisions and it has huge volume of untapped content. This data needs to be analysed to derive information that is useful for the company. Organizations need to heed to customer opinions about their product and brand image to formulate strategies for maximizing efficiency.

    Hexaware’s Social Media Command Center is a hub integrating aspects of social listening, social engagement and social analytics to extract information and analyse customer perception across multiple platforms. We help clients respond to customer comments across their social media handles as well as certain third-party platforms. Enabled with real-time social listening, we enable our clients to engage with the customer almost real-time to clarify any issue or problem at the earliest. Hexaware’s solution facilitates close monitoring of several websites across multiple languages to understand customer perception and features customized dashboards to give real-time updates.

    Hexaware differentiates itself from peers through:

    • Best-in-class tools – Leveraging our partnerships with major platforms like Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc. specialists to facilitate superior delivery quality
    • Reporting Dashboard – Real-time automated reporting framework to track campaign effectiveness, to depict vital data and identify key outcomes across the client’s marketing efforts


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