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Transforming Accounts Payable

With burgeoning technology solutions, Accounts Payable has been a front runner in the race to embrace innovation and is now poised for a near touchless delivery. If your quest is to “AUTOMATE EVERYTHING®” across Accounts Payable, we have a solution for the same.

Aligned with our strategy of “AUTOMATE EVERYTHING®”, we bring a unique combination of tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver a digitalized Accounts Payable function.Digitalized Accounts Payable Function

Our Solutions

  • Invoice Data Extraction

    Our solution entails intelligent invoice data extraction at line item level enabled through Machine Learning and cognitive OCR. Invoices from various channels viz. paper, email, fax and portals are pushed into the extraction engine to churn out the desired data required for further processing. Our EDI translator seamlessly captures EDI invoice data which is then pushed into the engine for processing. The extraction ensures optimal accuracy of invoice data, speeds up invoice processing, reduces supplier queries and is the stepping stone to make AP touchless.

  • Automated Invoice Processing

    Hex Auto Invoice, our cloud-based automation tool is an end-to-end solution for the true modernization of the AP process. We enable the following for invoice processing:

    • Auto invoice data capture at the line item level
    • Automated 3-way matching at the line item level
    • Duplicate invoice tracking
    • Automated non-PO invoice distribution / GL coding
    • Processes PO, non-PO and service contract based invoices
    • Automated exception processing (exception routing, actions, automated adjustment letters / credit note demand letters)
    • Mobile interface for invoice management
    • AP KPIs and benchmark reporting

    A further amalgamation of RPA with our solution enables holistic automation across the entire value chain of AP.

    • Automated vendor set up & maintenance
    • Automated vendor query resolution (chatbots & email automation)
    • Automated creation of payment proposal
    • Automated payment remittance advice generation & send
    • Automated reconciliation of vendor statement
    • Automated invoice processing driven by market rates on a daily basis viz. fuel, freight

    In addition to the above, we also provide a digital gateway, custom made vendor portal for our clients, which provides a channel for vendors invoice submission, vendor communication, invoice status tracking, vendor forms and document submission (vendor setup and maintenance), vendor relationship and performance management.

    With our philosophy of “AUTOMATE EVERYTHING®”  we can introduce best practices through RPA enabled solutions across the Accounts Payable function to deliver the following benefits:

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