Maximize content and marketing ROI with Hexaware’s scalable solutions that leverage gen AI to streamline content operations, boost efficiency, and control your marketing strategy.

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Feeling pressured to meet the growing demand for content in your marketing strategy?

Our solution enables dynamic content creation, adaptation, and repurposing for rapid asset expansion. Embracing gen AI, our unique content hub generates diverse text, image, and video content, along with campaign materials for multi-channel distribution. Bid farewell to content scarcity with our AI-driven digital content operations and embrace a strategy that yields impactful results.

Is your digital content failing to achieve its intended impact, leading to lower website traffic?

Hexaware’s suite of solutions helps supercharge your content’s performance. Our SEO solutions, social media expertise, and multi-channel campaigns are tailored to boost customer engagement and drive traffic to your website, helping you elevate your online presence and connect with your audience on a whole new level.

Facing challenges in keeping your e-commerce platform’s stock-keeping units (SKUs) consistently updated with fresh content?

Hexaware’s product information management solution customizes product descriptions, optimizes images, and implements SEO strategies to ensure your product content shines. Additionally, we establish a centralized repository of SKU information, simplifying access and updates across platforms. We help you remove content inconsistencies and ensure that your e-commerce portals present a unified and appealing product catalog, leading to improved customer experiences and higher conversion rates.

Are you concerned about providing a safe platform for your users that safeguards them against inappropriate online content?

Leveraging the capabilities of gen AI and incorporating advanced technologies, Hexaware’s innovative solutions ensure a secure digital landscape, empowering businesses to deliver trustworthy and intelligent online experiences. Rest easy knowing that Hexaware’s forward-thinking approach is your shield against evolving online risks, reinforcing digital trust for your brand and users

Turn to Hexaware Marketing Operations Services to:

Content and Marketing Operations Capabilities

Hexaware’s content hub offers a holistic approach, surpassing traditional agency models. Our gen AI-led content solutions reduce the effort in content creation, expand content discovery and reach, and moderate the content for safe consumption. We tackle end-to-end content optimization needs, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and creating audience-centric content for diverse markets.

Hexaware’s interactive learning service transforms the employee learning experience through customized e-learning content and gamifying both content and assessments. With our solutions, you can engage and educate your workforce in a dynamic and effective manner, ensuring that learning becomes an interactive and enjoyable journey.

Our social media command center acts as a vigilant guardian of your brand’s reputation. We closely monitor, listen to, and analyze customer sentiment across social channels to help maintain and elevate your brand’s value. The insights we gather from social conversations enable you to run proactive campaigns, build brand loyalty, and swiftly address customer concerns.

Hexaware’s catalog management offering is designed to streamline your product information across multiple platforms. We focus on creating, maintaining, and updating product information to ensure consistency, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in digital product catalogs, letting you offer customers a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience.

Unlock the power of your customer data with Hexaware’s customer data operations. We empower you to drive increased sales and customer retention by effectively managing and facilitating the utilization of customer data. Our AI-based framework creates a consolidated 360-degree customer view, enriching your operational efficiency and enhancing customer experiences.

Leveraging the power of gen AI, Hexaware’s comprehensive suite of trust and safety services acts as your shield against online risks. Our advanced content management services encompass generative AI content moderation, online reputation management, ratings and reviews, content tagging, ad operations, and user identity protection. With gen AI at the core, we guarantee that you can deliver not only safe but also intelligent and secure content experiences to consumers. Rest assured, your digital presence is fortified by cutting-edge technology and safeguarded by our innovative solutions.

Step into the future of commerce with Hexaware’s live commerce offering. Our end-to-end solution transforms every aspect of live commerce, from interactive live chat sessions to influencer interactions. The result? Increased revenue and amplified brand loyalty.

Tools, Accelerators, and Operational Strategies

Plagiarism, Spelling, and Grammar Tools

Hexaware employs Grammarly and WhiteSmoke to guarantee content quality by eliminating errors and plagiarism, delivering well-crafted and error-free writing for our clients.

SEM, Web Analytics, and Reporting Tools

Matomo, Acquisio, Semrush, Freshworks, and Google Analytics are used to empower our search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, offering insights for optimizing web performance and generating comprehensive reports.

Multilingual Publishing and Translation Tools

RWS and Smartcat enable us to seamlessly publish content in multiple languages and efficiently manage translations, ensuring our content's global accessibility and cultural relevance.

Advertising and Social Media Management Tools

Hexaware leverages Bazaarvoice, Brandwatch, and Talkwalker to assist clients in managing advertising campaigns and strengthening their social media presence by conversation monitoring and audience engagement.

Marketing Operations Team Leaders

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Nirmal Mazumdar

Marketing Ops Leader

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Prajakta Deshpande

Marketing Ops Expert

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Timothy Leger

Marketing Ops Expert

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