Delivery Chain Optimization through Agile-Based Product Management Delivery Chain Optimization through Agile-Based Product Management

Delivery Chain Optimization through Agile-Based Product Management


Our client, a leading parcel delivery and courier service provider in the United Kingdom, offers reliable and efficient delivery services to businesses and individual customers nationwide. Specializing in various parcel delivery options, including home delivery and convenient drop-off services, our customer ensures timely and secure transportation of packages. 


The client faced the following complex challenges that demanded innovative, technology-driven solutions: 

  • Development, Support, and Maintenance of Systems  
    The client grappled with the development, support, and maintenance of a comprehensive logistics operation system and cross dock scanning system. These systems were vital for seamless operations but posed significant challenges due to their complexity and the need for constant updates. 
  • Extension of Courier Portal 
    Extending an existing portal used by couriers was essential. Couriers needed a tool to manage their leaves and find replacements independently. This extension was crucial for maintaining a reliable workforce and ensuring uninterrupted services. 
  • Maintenance of Reporting Systems  
    The client had management information and reporting systems in place, crucial for data-driven decision-making. Maintenance of these systems was challenging, requiring constant attention to ensure accurate and relevant reporting for various operational aspects. 
  • Functional Application Support 
    Providing functional application support for the client’s operations systems was essential. Any disruptions or issues in these applications could severely impact day-to-day operations, making ongoing support and troubleshooting critical. 


Hexaware provided a comprehensive solution using agile-based product management to address the client’s challenges, including the development of: 

  • Comprehensive Logistics Operations System: Hexaware developed a robust logistics operations system covering diverse functionalities such as route planning, client management, parcel tracking, manifesting, and payment & invoicing. This comprehensive system streamlined operations, providing a centralized platform for managing various tasks. 
  • Innovative Courier Marketplace: A courier marketplace was designed to efficiently manage couriers, their rounds, advertisements, and preferences. This platform enabled seamless communication and coordination among couriers, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. 
  • Utilization of Handheld Devices: Hexaware implemented applications using handheld computers equipped with integrated barcode scanner and mobile communication capabilities. These applications were deployed in hubs, depots, and radial vans, enhancing operational efficiency and real-time data capture. 
  • Digital Assurance and Automation Testing: Hexaware implemented rigorous digital assurance processes, combining manual, automation, and performance testing. Automated testing of mobile applications used by couriers and parcel shops ensured reliability, reducing the risk of application failures and enhancing user experience. 
  • Management Information System (MIS) Reports and Dashboards: Hexaware developed a sophisticated MIS, offering detailed reports and dashboards. These tools provided summarized reporting, customer trend analysis, courier delivery performance metrics, utilization statistics, and finance-related reports, including reconciliation reports. This data-driven approach facilitated informed decision-making.   


The implementation of Hexaware’s solution delivered a host of remarkable benefits to the client, including: 

  • 100% Tracking parcels in real-time 
    The implementation of real-time parcel tracking allowed the client to have complete visibility into their operations, enabling precise monitoring of parcel movement and location, which was crucial for improving customer service. 
  • Helped customer to manage 100% increase in parcel delivery during holiday seasons 
    The ability to manage a 100% increase in parcel deliveries during peak holiday seasons showcased the system’s scalability and adaptability, ensuring uninterrupted service even during challenging times. 
  • Courier utilization and management improved by 30% 
    The improvement in courier utilization and management demonstrated the system’s effectiveness in optimizing courier allocation and enhancing their performance. 
  • 40% reduction in cost due to automation testing 
    Automation testing not only improved the quality of the software but also led to substantial cost savings, reducing the client’s testing expenses by 40%. This represented a significant financial benefit of the solution. 


The case study highlights how Hexaware successfully addressed the intricate challenges faced by our client in the logistics and courier services industry. By developing a comprehensive logistics operations system, innovative courier marketplace, and robust mobile applications, we revolutionized their operations. The implementation led to remarkable benefits, including 100% real-time parcel tracking, efficient management of increased deliveries during holiday seasons, improved courier utilization, and a substantial 40% cost reduction through automation testing. Hexaware’s tailored solutions showcased how effective technology integration can lead to transformative results in the logistics and courier sector. 

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