Managed IT Services for Fleet Management & Enterprise Support  Managed IT Services for Fleet Management & Enterprise Support 

Managed IT Services for Fleet Management & Enterprise Support 

Efficiency and transformation in action.


Our client, a leading player in the logistics and transportation sector based in the United States, offers a wide array of services to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. They emphasize sustainability and innovation, providing eco-friendly transportation solutions and utilizing advanced technology. With a strong national and global presence, they play a significant role in the dynamic logistics and transportation landscape, continuously adapting to meet the evolving demands of businesses and industries. 


The client was confronted with a series of complex challenges that required strategic intervention and innovation. These challenges included: 

  • Service Consolidation: To leverage economies of scale and streamline their operations, the client needed to consolidate services from multiple vendors into a single provider. This consolidation was critical to achieving efficiency and cost savings. 
  • Cost Reduction: The imperative to reduce the total cost of ownership while maintaining operational quality was a pressing concern for the client. They sought a solution that would reduce expenditure without compromising on performance. 
  • Accountability and Service Quality: The client grappled with a lack of robust accountability mechanisms and consistent service quality, impacting their operational performance. They sought a solution to address this issue with the help of managed services with SLA/KPI framework. 
  • Enhanced Technology Capability: The rapid pace of technological advancements required the client to strengthen its digital capabilities to meet the demands of the digital age. 


To tackle these challenges, Hexaware provided an integrated solution that encompassed various aspects of the client’s operations. 

Portal Development 
The development of a specialized portal for the efficient management of carriers, shipments, and deliveries. This streamlined logistics and enhanced operational efficiency, addressing the need for service consolidation. 

Salesforce Transformation 
The execution of a migration of the client’s existing Salesforce Visualforce (VF) to the Lightning experience. In addition, custom applications and components were developed to improve user experience and functionality, contributing to the goal of cost reduction and enhanced technology capability. 

Fleet Management System 
The design and development of a custom Fleet Management System application to support efficient fleet management, a crucial step in enhancing operational efficiency and accountability. 

Digital Assurance 
Implementation of a comprehensive testing strategy that included manual, automation, and performance testing. This comprehensive approach improved software quality and reliability, directly addressing the challenge of accountability and service quality. 

Production Support 
Providing production support for the client’s enterprise services, including Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), finance, and integrations. This ensured the seamless operation of critical systems, supporting the client’s goals. 

Agile Pods for Product Development 
Establishment of Agile Pods (cross-functional teams) to drive product development, fostering a more responsive and nimble approach to development. 


The implementation yielded a range of substantial benefits and tangible outcomes, significantly impacting the client’s operations. 

  • Cost Reduction: In the first year of engagement, the client realized a substantial 35% reduction in costs. This achievement directly addressed the challenge of reducing the total cost of ownership, aligning with the client’s primary goal. 
  • Testing Efficiency: Hexaware’s automation efforts led to a remarkable 40% reduction in testing efforts. This enhanced operational efficiency and directly addressed the challenge of streamlining operations and reducing costs. 
  • Ticket Volume Reduction: Through proactive value-added programs, the client experienced a notable 20% reduction in ticket volume. This improvement positively impacted service quality and customer satisfaction. 
  • Automation Benefits: The automation initiatives implemented by Hexaware reduced the need for manual processes and interactions, thereby reducing operational costs and improving accuracy and efficiency. This achievement contributed to the client’s objectives of accountability and operational efficiency. 


The collaborative efforts between the client and Hexaware have led to a remarkable transformation, bringing about numerous advantages and redefining operational excellence. This partnership has not only overcome initial challenges but has also achieved significant cost reductions, increased efficiency, and heightened accountability, ultimately setting a new standard for operational success in the digital age. 

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