Anchoring Success: A Maritime Modernization Voyage  Anchoring Success: A Maritime Modernization Voyage 

Anchoring Success: A Maritime Modernization Voyage 

Navigating the waves of change with legacy modernization and cloud transformation.


Embodying excellence in the realm of global shipping and maritime services, our client stands as a beacon of expertise and reliability. With a strong presence in the United Kingdom and beyond, they provide a diverse range of essential services, from port agencies to marine and cargo surveying. Their unwavering commitment to seamless logistics and adherence to international regulations ensures the effortless flow of maritime trade worldwide. As industry leaders, our client’s influence resonates globally, shaping the future of shipping and maritime services with their unmatched proficiency and dedication. 


Our clients, esteemed players in the global industry, confronted a multitude of formidable challenges that necessitated a comprehensive reevaluation of their IT landscape: 

  • Reduction of Corporate IT Spend: The need to optimize operational costs without compromising the quality of service was a pressing concern. This required a strategic approach to resource allocation and technology investment. 
  • Infrastructure and Application Transformation: Aging IT infrastructure and legacy applications created bottlenecks, hindering the ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and customer expectations. Modernization was essential to ensure agility and competitiveness. 
  • 24/7 IT Support: Our clients’ operations spanned the globe, and they required uninterrupted IT support. Achieving round-the-clock IT support, especially in the maritime industry with its 24/7 demands, was a critical goal. 
  • Scaling Up Captive Center Operations: As our clients expanded their global footprint, they faced the challenge of seamlessly scaling up captive center operations. This required expansion and a harmonious transition that ensured continuity and efficiency. 
  • Transformation Partner: Finding a partner capable of driving transformation across multiple countries was a crucial prerequisite. Our clients needed a strategic ally with the expertise to navigate the complexities of international operations and drive change effectively. 
  • Knowledge Transition: Knowledge transition across multiple countries posed a significant hurdle. It was vital to ensure that the accumulated wisdom and expertise were not lost during the transformation process. 


In response to the array of challenges faced by our esteemed clients, Hexaware devised and executed a comprehensive solution with unwavering confidence: 

IT Transformation Programs 
Hexaware embarked on a substantial IT transformation journey, implementing integrated agency solutions across more than 75 countries. This encompassed the modernization of critical components, including port operations, disbursement accounting, general ledger, and integration systems. The result was a seamless and efficient IT ecosystem that allowed our clients to enhance their global operational reach. 

Product Engineering Programs 
Hexaware’s innovative approach introduced several solutions designed to address our clients’ specific needs. A port agency operations platform was developed, facilitating the management of agents, port services, and disbursement accounts. Moreover, Hexaware crafted a state-of-the-art cloud-native maritime information system tailored for the management of port, terminal, and berth data. To further empower our clients with data-driven insights, Hexaware implemented a robust business intelligence and analytics system, optimizing their port operations and decision-making processes. 

Infrastructure Support 
Recognizing the importance of a robust IT infrastructure, Hexaware provided steadfast support through CloudOps on AWS, ensuring scalability, security, and agility. This created a foundation that enabled our clients to meet the ever-evolving demands of their global operations. In addition, Hexaware offered global service desk support and regional support from various locations, ensuring round-the-clock assistance for their IT needs. As part of the solution, Hexaware also managed business process services for port data services and Master Data Management (MDM), streamlining and enhancing critical data processes. 


The collaborative and unwavering efforts of our clients, working in synergy with Hexaware, culminated in a transformative journey that yielded remarkable and tangible benefits: 

  • Significant Cost Reduction: Through the IT transformation and modernization initiatives, our clients achieved a substantial 25% reduction in IT spend. This not only enhanced their bottom line but also provided the flexibility to invest in innovation and growth. 
  • Improved Operational Excellence: Service Level Agreements (SLAs) saw a notable 10% improvement. This was a testament to the enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of our client’s operations, as well as the effectiveness of the solution implemented by Hexaware. 
  • Global Vessel and Port Data Insights: With the introduction of cloud-native maritime information systems, our clients gained the capability for near real-time tracking of over 50,000 vessels and 4,500 ports globally. This valuable data empowered them with insights to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and enhance customer service. 


In summary, the collaboration between our clients and Hexaware exemplifies how strategic IT transformation can address complex challenges and deliver substantial benefits. By reducing IT spend, improving SLAs, and enabling real-time tracking on a global scale, this case study demonstrates the potential for innovation and growth within the maritime industry and beyond. 

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