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Transforming E-Commerce & Logistics Through Next-Gen Digitalization


Eswaran Venkatachalam – Senior Vice President and Global Head of Travel, Transportation, Hospitality, and Logistics Industries, Hexaware

Brendan Sullivan – Head of Ecommerce and Cargo Operations, IATA

Stephane Arnold Rauber – Global head of BD eCommerce, CEVA Logistics.

Description:  The logistics industry is adapting to the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic by addressing new shopping behaviors and delivery expectations.

This on-demand webinar focuses on:

  • the current state of the market demands that are growing exponentially
  • the future of the logistics industry led by the expansion and transformation of e-commerce logistics
  • how advanced technologies are disrupting the business functions
  • how digital solutions can help increase efficiency and reduce cost

Eswar from Hexaware shared his views on the significance of contactless delivery, data transformation, workforce automation, and end-to-end visibility of customer’s buying journey. Contactless delivery has become the new normal in this COVID-19 era for the logistics industry. Demand for home deliveries and digital services has increased. Customers are concerned about safety and hygiene measures, and organizations are striving to build brand loyalty by delivering a superior customer experience.

On the business front, modernization and data transformation are taking precedence. Businesses are leveraging technology for end-to-end customer visibility across the value chain. The need for speed-to-market has necessitated workforce automation. Expectations such as speed delivery, rise in seasonal demands, order picking efficiency, warehouse space efficiency, logistics cost reduction, etc., require technology support. Warehouse planning and forecasting, real-time monitoring, and workplace safety are essential to ensure overall operational efficiency.

Watch the webinar to learn about the solutions built by Hexaware to exceed customer expectations at every touchpoint. These solutions address the challenges of logistics and help organizations provide future-proof solutions to end customers.