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In this post COVID world, the need for omni-channel retailing has become more important than ever. However, the traditional planning systems are not built to tackle this ever-increasing customer expectations.

In this page, you will find approaches to demand planning that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze all the available data for creating high fidelity demand forecasts with 90+% accuracy, and hence better operational planning.

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Predict – Demand Planning

‘Predict’ can sense customer preferences and other multiple demand signals in real time, analyze and simulate various forecast scenarios (factoring for causals – price, promotion, competitive and effects – affinity, cannibalization, new products) by customer segments across channels, time horizon, product hierarches and functions – allowing for a single demand plan across functions and a truly collaborative and responsive supply chain. Watch our solution video to understand how Predictable Commerce, our integrated planning solution works

AI based Demand Planning and Forecasting in an Uncertain World

This whitepaper authored by industry pioneers in Demand Planning, discusses how artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches combine all available data, external and internal to produce high fidelity forecasts at a hyper-granular level with accelerated speed and scale. Thus resulting in high forecast accuracy and fufilling customer’s demand with increased efficiency.

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Free Test Drive

Test Drive gives you an overview of key features where you can forecast demand yourself with a pre-configured dataset. Take our free Test Drive offer in Azure Marketplace.


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Proof of Concept

We would also like to offer you a Proof of Concept to help baseline the improvement potential in your organization and to give you a better understanding of how the platform works.


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Helping customers serve their customers better

Discover how a leading food and safety company with over 250 global wholesale customers and 10,000 products, leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast demand with 95% + accuracy, and thus reduce their planning time by more than 30%.

Key Features of the Solution:

Predict – Demand Planning solution provides users with intuitive interface, abilty to understand the forecast methodology and incorporate human insights if required. Moreover, the system can classify products into clusters, and depending on the type of product, can automatically select the best algorithm to improve the forecast accuracy.

Business users can study forecast scenarios across entire product and location hierarchies for different time horizons, understand the effects of driving new demand or upselling current demand with variable adjustments like price, promotions and events.

Some of the key features are highlighted below:

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Adaptive Algorithms

Several adaptive algorithms are applied to products that are automatically clustered into various categories like slow moving, newly launched, stable/mature items with erratic demand etc

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Comprehensive Logic of Key Factors

The demand forecasts can consider various factors like product life-cycle, seasonality trends, cannibalization, erratic events, promotional events, POS data, weather forecasts etc

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Hierarchical Forecasting

Enables users to granularly understand the demand distribution across products, locations and customers


  • 90+% accuracy of forecasts

  • Reduced stock-outs

  • Consensus-based collaborative forecasting, supported by A.I. and M.L

  • Real-time forecasting for S&OP optimization and inventory planning

To know more on our solution, please download the Predict Demand Planning brochure:

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Predict – Demand Planning module is designed to complement ReFine (Retail Financial Merchandise Assortment Planning) and Wholesale Order Management to provide you with a complete Retail Planning Suite.

Why choose Hexaware?

  • Hexaware leverages a multitude of technologies, partnerships and in-house solution accelerators to enable enterprise-wide automation, addressing the need of a particular industry, which effectively results in time savings of up-to 50%

  • Assured service quality backed by committed SLAs and a team of highly skilled professionals. We aim to reduce the manual errors and provide a holistic approach to cloud & end-point security


  • We leverage our IPs to deliver faster, better and cheaper outcomes. We have adopted outcome-oriented pricing models which demonstrate our skin in the game with guaranteed benefits

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