Azure Cloud Transformation for a Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods Company  Azure Cloud Transformation for a Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods Company 

Azure Cloud Transformation for a Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods Company 

A Fortune 500 Beverage Company Migrates to Azure Cloud and Reduces Application Maintenance Costs by 40%


Our client, a global brewing company, crafts an array of beverages sold across 100+ countries. With a team of 170,000+ brewers, they artfully blend tradition and appeal to avant-garde palettes. Their revenue of $236+ billion reflects a brewing legacy, crafted to serve a worldwide symphony of distinctive flavors. 


$55+ billion revenue 


Business Challenges  

Our client faced its biggest challenge with unintegrated cloud infrastructure. Its applications lacked scalability. Based on the wide range of business functionalities it could offer to partners and consumers, new capabilities were pivotal. Without scalable solutions and applications its power to adapt in dynamic markets was restricted.  

Moreover, the demand for remote work solutions exposed further inefficiencies of on-premises applications. On the security front, without features like role-based authentication, our client was vulnerable to data breaches. Moreover, a threat to the integrity of sensitive business information complicated operations. 

To address these challenges, our client sought a migration strategy to Azure, aiming for a more cost-effective, secure, and scalable environment, crafting the future, savoring innovation. 

Challenges for Cloud Migration  

The company required cloud strategy to match the intricacies in its operations. The first challenge was in managing the migration of a highly monolithic ASP.NET application. This demanded careful attention to its applications’ functionalities. Adding to the complexity, our client’s business data was scattered across regions, areas, and countries.  

On the other hand, they also faced a challenge with all important documents stored in one place – the application server. This setup made it difficult to access and manage the documents efficiently. It’s like having all your important files stored in one cabinet without proper organization, making it harder to find what you need quickly. This limited the efficiency of internal data retrieval processes, requiring a comprehensive reevaluation of strategies for enterprise-wide document management. 

Another issue was that there were two sets of instructions that did the exact same thing in its data system. This redundancy made things unnecessarily complicated and required a careful look at the instructions to streamline and improve how they work. They needed to clean up and simplify the way their data was handled for improved data-dependency. 

To overcome these challenges and pave the way for a more efficient and scalable data infrastructure, the company initiated its migration journey to Azure cloud, advancing its capabilities with minimal code. 


The Hexaware Solution 

We leveraged our proprietary automation-led cloud modernization platform amaze® to expedite the migration of applications and databases to Azure Cloud with minimal code optimization, resulting in a considerable total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction, along with a multitude of benefits.   

The roadmap for migrating legacy ASP.NET applications involved transformative steps: 

Strategic Roadmaps for the Shift to a Cloud-Agnostic Solution: Planned and migrated data and applications to Azure cloud for auto-scalability, based on business needs. 

Automated Data Migration with Amaze®: Automated migration of on-premises application data to Azure Microsoft SQL Server. 

Container Transformation, Built for Scalability: Decomposed monolithic ASP.NET business logic into microservices for cloud scalability. 

Technology Migration for Modernized Applications: Transitioned from legacy .NET to platform-independent .NET Core Framework. 

Replatforming for Simplified Data Accessibility: Moved the on-premises SQL Database to Azure SQL Server and SSRS reports to Power BI on Azure Cloud. 

Automated CI/CD Pipelines: Implemented fully automated CI/CD pipelines for containerized microservices. 

Changed User Interfaces and Improved Application Experiences: Built a responsive front-end on React compatible with various devices, ensuring accessibility. 

Azure Active Directory Integration and Single Sign-On (SSO): Integrated Azure Active Directory for streamlined user access and management. 

Performance Optimization to Increase Efficiency: Utilized caching, dapper framework, and parallel processing for optimized performance. 

DevSecOps Integration to ensure Security and Code Quality: Integrated DevSecOps tools for capturing vulnerability issues, improving code quality, and avoiding security leaks. 

Azure Blob Storage for Document Management: Stored documents in Azure Blobs for efficient data management. 


Automated Deployment Efficiency 

Streamlined cloud migration and data modernization processes resulted in a 60% reduction in manual efforts, enhancing deployment efficiency. 

Cost-Effective Application Maintenance 

Achieved a 40% cost reduction in application maintenance, optimizing expenditure and freeing finances for operational initiatives. 

Data Maintenance Cost Reduction 

Realized a 40% reduction for access to business data and its maintenance costs, improving financial efficiency and resource allocation. 

Elimination of On-Premises Setup Costs 

Successfully eliminated existing on-premises IT setup costs, contributing to significant upfront and ongoing savings. 

Remote and Platform-Independent Access 

Enabled remote and platform-independent application access for end users, enhancing accessibility and flexibility. 

Accelerated Time to Market 

Function-driven micro/macro service segregation led to a reduction in the time to market, ensuring quicker delivery of products and services. 

Optimized IT Expenses and Increased Cloud Footprint 

Overall optimization of IT expenses and increased cloud footprint, providing a sustainable and scalable foundation for future growth. 


Hexaware, in collaboration with the leading global brewing company, successfully addressed critical challenges posed by an unintegrated cloud infrastructure. Our strategy involved leveraging our proprietary platform Amaze® to orchestrate a seamless migration to Azure Cloud.  

This transformative journey encompassed containerization, technology migration, and the implementation of automated CI/CD pipelines. The outcomes achieved are bound to change the course for the brewery to adapt to new age digital challenges where Hexaware delivered a 60% reduction in manual efforts, a 40% decrease in maintenance costs, and optimized data management. 

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