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Custom Mobile App Development Improves Customer Experience and Drives 8x Revenue Growth Custom Mobile App Development Improves Customer Experience and Drives 8x Revenue Growth

Custom Mobile App Development Improves Customer Experience and Drives 8x Revenue Growth

Taking Convenience to the Next Level


Our client is a major US convenience store and gas station chain. They offer one-stop shopping for food, coffee, and gas and have built a solid reputation for speedy service through technology adoption, innovation, and a customer-first philosophy.


Client’s Business Challenges

Improving customer experience has always been the foundation of our client’s culture, so they were eager to provide more convenient options for their loyal customers to get their favorite products. They wanted to embark on an innovation program  to enhance the existing mobile app experience and use it as another way to foster a sense of community for their growing fan base.    

Since this customer had already worked with Hexaware on their successful mobile food ordering app, they partnered with us again to enhance the app and delight their discerning customers with: 

  • A best-in-class curbside pickup experience
  • Integrated food delivery options from their partners
  • A comprehensive rewards program
  • Expanded contactless payment options 


It was also important that the final custom mobile app solution empower their store employees with the tools they need to maintain customer satisfaction.   

The client knew Hexaware was the right partner to help them in their journey and raise the bar in transforming customer and employee experiences. 


The Hexaware Solution

Working with the client’s mobile app and store operations teams, we developed a model  to define, streamline, and optimize processes as well as integrate new functionalities to improve customer experience. 

Our rapid approach had multiple phases, starting with desk and field research, competitor analysis, in-store interviews, persona development, workshops, and stakeholder interviews. The roadmap’s key milestones encompassed customer journey and service blueprints, prototype design and development, usability testing, and app launch preparation and planning.

During the usability testing phase, we conducted two rounds of customer tests on the live prototype. Throughout each round, we gathered valuable feedback from customers and made enhancements to improve that app’s ease of use and functionality.  Once testing and approvals were complete, we integrated the innovation project prototype into the existing codebase and rolled out the enhanced functionality.

Solution Highlights 

  • Access to curbside pickup, partner food delivery options, a comprehensive rewards program, and expanded contactless payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Geofencing technology and location detection that enabled employees to know when a customer had arrived to pick up their order and where they are parked
  • Streamlined path-to-purchase journey to reduce the in/out time through the store for customers 
  • Personalized content delivery for enhanced customer experiences 
  • An intuitive, seamless experience that was a true extension of the brand’s in-store experience 


The transition to a more customer-centric app delivered:  

  • 8X revenue increase over a period of 48 weeks
  • 4X increase in app downloads  
  • A significant rise in rewards members and order frequency


Our client’s customers now have access to a custom mobile application that offers curbside pick-up, food delivery options, expanded rewards, and more contactless payment options. With all of this convenience at their fingertips, it’s no wonder that our clients’ revenue grew 8x within 48 weeks of launching the new app.   

Their enhanced mobile app is just the beginning — we continue to work with our client on their long-term evolution as they aim to be the neighborhood hub for true, community-centered convenience. 

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