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Predictable Commerce - Retail Planning Solutions

Strategic Retail Planning for Retail Management

Digitalization, modernization, intelligent automation and disruptions are transforming the way business is done, globally. Retailers are undergoing radical transformations to cater to growing needs of digital customers but unfortunately this is taking time in translating to retail planning systems which are geared towards integrating vertical silos. Current solutions are still working on the philosophy that ERP only is system of record for supply chains. They are focused on making internal processes more efficient. Even in the next generation cloud-based solutions, this philosophy has not changed fundamentally. These inadequacies translate into inaccurate demand forecasting, high cost across processes and unmanageable operational complexity with suboptimal margins.

The Need for a Unified Platform

Retail solutions need to move from these inside-out vertically integrated systems to outside-in horizontally connected systems. They need to leverage channel data and market intelligence that translate market shifts without latency. Harmonization and synchronization of data needs to take place across the functional silos. Data also needs to move at the speed of business, which would help in continuously planning and developing an optimal response to today’s changing market environment.


Hexaware’s Predictable Commerce


Fast changing customer expectations are putting pressures on retail systems which are not flexible enough to deliver value in line with evolving business needs. Hexaware’s Predictable Commerce solution is an intelligent retail management solution which enhances their execution and planning systems through AI, ML and financial portfolio optimization, helping them improve forecast accuracy, optimize revenue and margin, reduce planning cycle, and more.

Business Benefits

Hexaware’s Predictable Commerce solution is developed on an intelligent retail management philosophy. It is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics Commerce solution that enhances execution capabilities like Retail POS & Store Operations, Headless Commerce Platform, Employee Management, Merchandising, Distributed Order Management etc. with planning solutions like Demand Planning, Financial Merchandise & Assortment Planning and Wholesale Order Management. This single package takes care of the complete planning and execution needs of retail enterprises, reducing their operational costs and integration hassles.

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