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Hybrid Cloud

In today’s age of Digitalization, there is a need for datacenters to become adaptive to the continuously changing business demands. Datacenters have been transforming from traditional legacy models to an on-demand virtualized, shared resource pools. The Hybrid Cloud strategy for Hexaware is focused on creating the data centers of the future, by essentially relooking at what organizations store, govern and manage data. Organizations are utilizing cloud computing to turn the flood of data into actionable insight that will competitively position the business to drive innovation.

Following are some of the trends evolving in the Enterprise Datacenter space today:

  • Requirement of flexible workloads across enterprise Infrastructure
  • Departure of Enterprise Applications from traditional Enterprise owned Data Centers to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud service providers
  • Adoption of Private Clouds for hosting Legacy modernization of line of business applications
  • Integration across providers and business services and an orchestration layer for the underlying infrastructure between disparate environments to seamlessly integrate across legacy infra, private and public

Our Hybrid Cloud solutions take a business and solution centric view with workloads and underlying infrastructure designed for hyper scalability, required business performance, resiliency and service continuity.

Infrastructure Management Services Data Center Cloud

Software Defined Everything

  • Driving policy-driven management of Infrastructure resources
  • Enabling applications to be deployed across commodity hardware to suit the demands of particular workloads

Unlocking the Value of Automation

  • Predictive analytics solutions focused on improving availability
  • Free up resources from performing reactive management tasks and boost productivity

Modularization of Data Centers

  • Leveraging Hyper converged Solutions from SimpliVity, Nutanix etc. to provide both flexibility & scalability
  • Making all Cloud SaaS/PaaS/IaaS Ready

Dynamic Workloads Movement

  • Designing workload that can run in physical, virtual or cloud computing environments and recognizes when it is at capacity and can find alternative computing capacity as required to optimize performance
  • Hexaware offers services that place application across geographically distributed data centers to meet service demand while minimizing total resource usage cost
  • Hexaware has evolved with a heterogeneity-aware dynamic application provisioning technique to minimize energy consumption while satisfying performance objectives


Gain efficiencies, reduce risks and maintain control while managing your costs better. Discover how Hexaware’s Next-Gen data center and cloud Services bring in all the capabilities your organization needs to support your DC and cloud strategy.

Hexaware’s Data Center & cloud services are aligned to the changing dynamics of IT market.

Hexaware’s DC and cloud services are agile, automated and adaptive in nature which enables:

  • Hexaware’s customers to consume DC and cloud services at optimized cost with predictability and visibility by providing metering and charge back functionalities
  • Hexaware’s customers 24x7x365 policy driven, services oriented and integrated managed services across the globe with seamless user experience
  • Hexaware’s customers to drive faster onboarding of business critical apps with features like self-service catalog , extreme automation and efficient process

Hexaware’s flexible service offerings bring additional value to customer:

  • Speed to value: Frees staff to focus on value creation, thanks to immediately available, reliable and scalable infrastructure
  • Business agility: Matches customers business needs through infrastructure resources and costs that scale up and down as required
  • Reliability, privacy and governance: Guarantees highly available, resilient and redundant infrastructure with variable service levels to suit customers business
  • Greener IT: Reduces over provisioning of server estates and the accompanying surplus energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • A single integrated user experience: Assures a common look and feel between existing and cloud-based applications by Hexaware’s brainchild- RAISE IT Platform

Service Offered

Enterprises have bi-modal needs- to run the business and to keep it on the constant path of transformation. Our DC solutions take a business and solution centric view with workloads and underlying infrastructure designed for hyper scalability, required business performance, resiliency and service continuity. The services offered by Hexaware are purpose-built service components of a journey enabling customers move towards a Digital Enterprise.


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