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Cloud Migration & Enablement Services

The transition from a centralized datacenter to virtualized IT environment is a gargantuan task. The major technological shift calls for expertise and a comprehensive solution which must allow seamless migration and realize full benefits of Cloud Computing.

Hexaware CloudSwift is a one stop shop for the entire lifecycle of Cloud Migration and Cloud Enablement. It is an automated way of performing Assessment, Planning and Migration to Operations and Orchestration. CloudSwift not only accelerates your cloud migration journey but also provides intelligence on workload suitability for cloud, application transformation and automation. With our Cloud Migration services you can

  • Achieve Speed: Accelerate the cloud migration projects for enterprises by leveraging Hexaware IPs and accelerators that are integrated across the entire lifecycle.
  • Remove technical debt such as code Duplications, obsolete technologies, bad architectural choices etc.
  • Execute complex migrations of applications and workload to cloud: Modernize, Re-factor, Re-write legacy applications to leverage cloud native functionalities.
  • Adopt Automation: Leverage build automation, provisioning automation and DEVOPS automation across the entire lifecycle of a workload migration to cloud.

Cloud Operate – not an after-thought!

Cloud OPS differs from ITOPS by virtue of capabilities, tooling, skill set & experience

CloudSwift Product Portfolio

CloudSwift CAsE – Discovery, Assessment and Planning

Assessment and Planning of workloads is indeed the most important aspect of any Cloud Migration project. While many organizations are eager to start their cloud journey, challenges of traditional environments run wide and deep. CloudSwift CAsE tool is an automated way of discovery and assessment of your workloads. The discovery can be done in multiple environments across many datacenters with a single view of all the devices and software. The key features of CAsE are:

  • Agent-less discovery: CAsE tool deploys a lightweight tool which is not taxing on the existing environment. The tool can collect data from thousands of devices at a time.
  • Application and Services Mapping: Understanding the interdependency between the different applications and infrastructure is critical for successful migration. Our CAsE tool will provide automated application and infrastructure grouping, port and protocols used for communication, bandwidth consumption, and latency and so on.
  • Performance Heat Map: Organizations tend to spend more than necessary on cloud IaaS since they tend to provision capacity based on inventory rather than usage. Our tool will provide infrastructure recommendations based on usage to reduce your footprint and immediately realize the benefits on cloud.
  • Code-level Analysis: Our tool will help identify organizations workload which can be re-hosted, re-architected or re-platformed. The tool has the in-built intelligence to conduct a deep-dive analysis of applications and provide right recommendations for migration process.
  • TCO & Price Modelling for Cloud: Our tool will provide a detailed TCO analysis of moving the workload to cloud. Any changes in the input will immediately display in the TCO calculation. The business case comparison will be in real time. The tool will also suggest price optimizations to reduce cost on the cloud.
  • Move Groups: CAsE will provide move groups for application which can be moved together to cloud. The move groups will be decided by the suitability, ease of migration and dependency of different applications. The easier applications to migrate will be part of the first wave groups to immediately realize the benefits of cloud.

CloudSwift ClickBuild – With CloudSwift ClickBuild

Many consider that infrastructure build is a one-time activity. But with the advent of public cloud and the flexibility for scaling up and down using just code, it has become easier for provisioning complex environments within few minutes. Hexaware has repository of hundreds of such scripts for AWS, Azure and even VMWare which can be leveraged by our customers to quickly provision and build environments. Hexaware also has a blueprint studio for creating more custom scripts to suit the customer needs.

With ClickBuild you can:

  • Provision/de-provision dev/test environments mirroring the production environments
  • Proactively solve performance issues, monitor and manage capacity
  • Rapidly provision complete application stacks
  • Control costs on cloud by automatically scaling up and down when required.
  • Adopting concepts such as continuous delivery and continuous integration that automate more of the development process than just resource provisioning.
  • Automate time consuming administrator tasks like backup, recovery etc.

CloudSwift AtoM – Migration: CloudSwift AtoM

The traditional methods of cloud migration leaves a lot to be desired. They are cumbersome, costly and always involve a lot of downtime. CloudSwift AtoM is a powerful and automated migration tool which saves a lot of time in efforts and costs. Designed and built specifically for cloud migrations to AWS and Azure, AtoM provides high performance and secure workload migrations into the cloud. The key value propositions of our tool are:

  • Fast and Secure workload migration to cloud
  • Minimal manual intervention required
  • No impact on the production during migration
  • Minimal downtime of production (downtime only during the final cutover)
  • Supports all types of OS and Hypervisors
  • Can perform complex and bulk migrations

CloudSwift CLiP – Cloud Lifecycle Management and Orchestration

The biggest reason for success of Cloud computing lies in the fact that your organization need not spend time and energy focusing on the IT systems. They can use that energy focusing on tasks to help the business grow. It would indeed defeat the purpose when the IT department would have to maintain the infrastructure after moving to Cloud.

CloudSwift CLiP provides a single pane of solution that enables customers to run their hybrid cloud application/ infrastructure setup in an automated way. The platform provides a unified view that stitches the customer disparate physical and cloud infrastructure ranging from on-premise private cloud to the providers enabled public cloud.

CLiP provides

  • End-to-End Service Catalog
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Metering, billing and chargeback
  • Billing dashboard
  • Multi-cloud Integration
  • Marketplace
  • Brokerage
  • Integration with Existing ITSM and Monitoring tools

Cloud Clarion – Financial Management on Cloud

While a lot of financial inefficiencies are dealt with when moving to cloud using our CAsE tool, there is a lot of technical debt that a customer accumulates while operating on cloud, whether it is using a larger instance or consuming larger network bandwidth. There is a lot of complexity involved in cloud billing and it is important to get a clear view of all cloud related costs. Cloud Clarion is Hexaware’s Financial management tool with which you can:

  • Monitor usage and spending over time
  • Get cost-effective sizing recommendations
  • Allocate costs for chargeback
  • Set alerts for unusual or overspending
  • Identify seasonal patterns for better auto-scaling
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