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Leverage AI and ML to achieve robust test automation

In the last decade, the accent on Automation, AI, and Digital Engineering has transformed how IT services are being delivered. While every organization intends to cater to and fulfills their customer’s needs, they also face challenges that obstruct the customers’ satisfaction index. Earlier, with obsolete/outdated data, it was difficult to detect the gap. Hexaware is working with multiple customers to understand these roadblocks and has seamlessly transformed their operations with its proprietary Butterfly model and automated framework, Tensai. We help organizations go beyond test automation to true autonomous test operations. Managed Digital Assurance leverages machine learning to go beyond the realms of traditional testing to automatically incorporate insights from live application performance, user feedback, and developer inputs into test case design and prioritized execution.

A shift from automated to autonomous testing

Managed Digital Assurance has enabled our customers to identify all possible white spaces (use cases) that are not addressed by regular test automation. To make the most of it, Hexaware has built a unified platform – ATOP (Autonomous Test Orchestration Platform) with a plug-and-play architecture that can become a one-stop solution for all testing needs by implementing Autonomous Testing addressing all-white spaces that eventually would make software testing independent of human intervention. ATOP aggregates the data that it learns from the tasks it performs and uses it to test the task with more speed and accuracy. There are in total 205 use cases cutting across various personas, different types of testing, and across all the layers of testing. At Hexaware, we have leveraged the vast amount of data from our insurance application testing projects to build better machine learning algorithms for pattern analysis, leading to better accuracy and efficiency.

Superior Managed Testing that ensures quality

Hexaware’ Managed Digital Assurance also provides a comprehensive testing service catalog through Automation-Led Managed Testing Service to overcome the testing challenges like work pressure, tight deadlines, substandard speed quality, etc. It transforms the testing functions to achieve superior quality with speed, without the expense of large overheads, daily oversight, and without losing strategic control of the QA function addressing People, Process and Technology together. Hexaware’s Managed Testing Service is a flexible partnership to provide a catalog of testing services that are fully managed, repeatable, predictable, and cost-efficient with alignment towards business goals.

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