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NextGen Application Managed Services (AMS)

Amid the current upheaval in the business landscape and underlying uncertainty faced by all organizations, the following scenarios are inevitable for efficient and cost-effective application management:

  • Businesses need to optimize their spend in a sustainable manner, which means that the optimizations need to be driven by automation at all levels of application management
  • Businesses need to invest heavily in the digital transformation of enterprise applications, whether it is modernizing their application landscape or creating touchless and immersive customer experiences

These two objectives, while contradictory, are very dependent on one another. Sustainable optimization of spend is currently the only logical means to fuel digital transformation and build a robust application portfolio.

Our Application Managed Services (AMS) offering addresses this contradiction and provides you with end-to-end application management. We have combined our automation-led sustainable cost takeout framework with value-driven transformation for an outcome-based offering that maps across Build-Transform-Run. Thus, be it a highly optimized application support and maintenance delivery model for your application portfolio or rapid application cloud modernization, we can deliver optimized solutions in a very short timeframe.

To deliver this new paradigm for our clients and boost their application management ROI, we have re-aligned our comprehensive AMS offering ‘NextGen’. Hexaware’s NextGen caters to the current and future needs of our clients and delivers a holistic experience to their customers with customized application services.

NextGen AMS is an integrated ‘Build, Transform, and Run’ model for end to end application portfolio management and delivers the following business benefits:

  • Reduces total cost of ownership through our relentless focus on Automate EverythingTM
  • Contributes to topline growth and improves time to market needs for your application portfolio through aggressive modernization (Digital Leapfrogging) and by following Modern Delivery tenets
  • Creates touchless and immersive customer experiences through digital transformation
  • Maintains complete transparency of performance and commercial governance, and commits to outcome-based models for a win-win situation

Delivering NextGen Application Managed Services

The convergence of our varied service offerings forms the core of our application managed services program. In order to successfully fulfill client objectives, we have broken down the typically siloed offerings of Support, Maintenance, Change, and Build into a comprehensive AMS solution that would benefit our clients and their customers. These services are delivered for all types of applications (like custom-built applications, COTS or SaaS portfolios, or industry-specific solutions) and technologies (like cutting-edge cloud-native applications, enterprise technologies, or legacy platforms). Our application management solutions leverage our extensive experience in managing large portfolios and gives you a custom-fit operating model that can seamlessly align with your business goals.

Furthermore, transformation (and innovation) is the key element of our offering. Our AMS solution  plans and executes transformation in a such way that we start from Day 1 and deliver constantly throughout the engagement lifecycle. It is also a two-way model. Transformations are typically driven top-down and for most cases result in large sweeping changes across business and/or technology. Yet, we also strongly believe in our bottom-up innovation delivery models where even the smallest changes by every single member of our delivery teams to how they work can collectively result in large-scale transformation of our application managed services.

How do we take you there?

Our journey to NextGen Application Managed Services runs through five distinct phases:

NextGen AMS five distinct phases

What is critical to understand is these phases are not sequential. In fact, Day-1 transformation is what we think about. For instance, taking over ineffective processes or waiting to transform a critical application/tool may not be the most effective way to deliver output-based AMS solutions.

During the assessment phase, our AMS experts perform a comprehensive maturity evaluation of your current operating model by using our proprietary assessment tool ‘HMMM (Hexaware Managed Services Maturity Model)’. This tool assesses the current maturity level of your people, process, and technology.

The outcome of this assessment is a key element in architecting your roadmap towards NextGen application management level (and in navigating through the three transformation phases mentioned above). Here are the critical milestones in your journey to NextGen maturity:

Level 1: Repeatable Support Processes; Waterfall-based Development Process

Level 2: Defined Processes; Low Agility

Level 3: End User Focused; Self-service and Agile Focus

Level 4: Automation-first; Complex Cognitive Automation

Level 5: NextGen; Intelligent and High-performance Delivery

NextGen is delivered through our end to end application managed services platform ‘Assist’ which is built based on our 25+ years of experience in delivering high-quality AMS solutions to clients. Assist is a collection of platforms, tools, and frameworks that help our clients to navigate through the five AMS phases and move up the five levels of AMS maturity.

Assist is built upon a strong foundation of industry standard processes like ISO, ITIL, COBIT, and SAFe.  It has a multi-layer architecture, with each layer building on top of the information gathered during the previous layer. It starts with portfolio management & assessments and AMS solution builders for the pre-engagement layers, transition and knowledge management tools for the transition layer, and finally delivery accelerators & toolkits and engagement governance tools for the application managed services delivery layer.

Assist includes tools such as Tensai for AIOps and Hexaview. These tools are developed in-house and based on open-source components specifically for our Application Managed Services engagements.

Tensai for AIOps is a fully capable Intelligent Automation platform used for Application services automation. We have successfully used this platform for our client delivery for a variety of application use cases.

Hexaview is our integrated metrics reporting & governance management tool. Hexaview combines inputs from multiple sources and provides a single-pane view of program health – it supports metrics across the program lifecycle – development (including CI/CD pipeline health), testing, support and maintenance.

Service Offerings

Hexaware Named a Leader in Application Maintenance Services – Midmarket/Niche in the ISG Provider Lens™ Next-gen Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services 2020 U.S. Quadrant Study

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