Hexaware Helps a Fortune 50 Insurance Company Achieve Guidewire Digital Transformation with 38% Reduced QA Efforts at a 30% Reduced Budget  Hexaware Helps a Fortune 50 Insurance Company Achieve Guidewire Digital Transformation with 38% Reduced QA Efforts at a 30% Reduced Budget 

Hexaware Helps a Fortune 50 Insurance Company Achieve Guidewire Digital Transformation with 38% Reduced QA Efforts at a 30% Reduced Budget 


The client is one of the world’s largest insurers in Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance, Specialty Insurance, Worker Compensation, and Investment Management.  

With 145,000 employees, the client has a global presence in 51 countries across major continents. 


Being a global player, the client has complex systems due to multiple integrations, architectures, and tool landscapes. The complex legacy systems made release testing a pressing challenge.   

Historically, testing had been a weak link in the entire IT portfolio because the client relied on in-house contingency testing efforts, which lacked the bandwidth required for comprehensive business testing. Furthermore, their test automation approach was fragmented and implemented in silos.


Creating and maintaining the backend environment with multiple integrations became time- and cost-intensive for the client, impacting the digitalization of its IT ecosystem.  

The client wanted a testing partner who could use cutting-edge automation solutions to:  

  • Enable comprehensive test automation  
  • Ensure quality assurance  
  • Reduce testing costs 


Hexaware collaborated with the client and introduced an automation-first approach to:   

  • Establish a centralized testing team for the Guidewire transformation program. 
  • Implement a robust agile testing framework using Jira & HP ALM. 
  • Decentralize sprint testing and consolidate increment and end-to-end testing for predictability and control. 
  • Apply early automation to map with shift left initiative. 
  • Implement service virtualization for early integration validation and time travel testing. 

Hexaware enabled automation by leveraging Hexaware’s solutions, including QA life cycle automation, API testing, service virtualization, continuous testing, and automated test data generation. 

How it all worked together: 

  1. The QA life cycle automation enabled automation for the generation of test cases and scripts.  
  1. Automated API testing covered ~175 interfaces by leveraging our service layer automation framework. 
  1. Service virtualization built a virtualized integrated environment with GW PAS, CC, and 22 interfaces involving 19 virtualized services was leveraged for time travel testing. 
  1. Continuous testing in the DevSecOps Pipeline helped maintain and improve software quality. 
  1. Automated test data generation ensured on-time test data availability in the Guidewire ecosystem. 
  1. Integrated Hexaware’s performance testing framework generated out-of-the-box reports for analysis. 

By enabling quality assurance across the Guidewire digital transformation program, Hexaware breathed life into the client’s IT environment. 


Business Benefits 

  • 38% reduction in QA efforts in lifecycle automation, as compared to traditional automation 
  • Up to 5% infrastructure cost avoidance of the program budget with virtualization  
  • 27% increase in engagement at a 30% reduced budget over 3 years, providing early ROI 

Quality Outcomes 

  • 90% reduction in environment setup timeline (from 2 months to 1 week) 
  • Enhanced quality check of PolicyCenter & ClaimCenter application before moving to the quality assurance environment 
  • 40% reduction in test design effort due to automation 
  • 58% reduction in automation effort (test design and automation script development) 
  • 60% reduction in API testing efforts 
  • 100% interface coverage 
  • 80% reduction in test data generation cycle time 
  • Less than 1% defect leakage 

Hexaware’s automation-first approach for testing helped the client to achieve the fastest-ever upgrade from Guidewire V9 to V1. 


Hexaware’s comprehensive testing solutions modernized the client’s IT ecosystem, ensuring the quality of their digital transformation program. The client achieved remarkable efficiency gains, substantial cost savings, and improved software quality, positioning them for success in the competitive insurance industry. 

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