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Automation has gone beyond the realms of doing repetitive tasks and cost-cutting. It now streamlines operations, enhances efficiency and creates a much superior customer experience.

In the era of ever-increasing competitiveness, globalization and evolving business cycles, there is enhanced focus on innovation, increasing agility and reducing operational complexity. Automation as a Service comes to the rescue to effectively achieve these objectives.

With increasing adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Automation as a Service is the need of the hour and sees significant growth.

The Automation-as-a-Service market size is expected to grow to USD 6.23 Billion by 2022.

Hexaware Approach to Automation - Identification, Advisory and Build & Support Engagement Methodology

Our Approach

At Hexaware, we believe in the concept of AUTOMATE EVERYTHING™. We strive to transform the service delivery and operational process to achieve efficient productivity, higher accuracy and cost savings.

At Hexaware, we envisage an automation journey that has primarily three goals namely Incident Prevention, Early Restoration and automated Service Requests.

We follow a 3-step approach to automation – Identify, Advice and Build & Support a use case based approach where we guarantee specific success rates. With an existing and ever-growing pool of use-cases, we assist enterprises in making informed decisions while embarking on their automation journey.

We are vendor agnostic and provide advice to enterprises regarding the most efficient tool, best suited for customized requirements.


  • Our consultants work with your team to identify potential automation use cases
  • An automation journey begins by taking inputs from various sources such as Incident ticket data, inputs from tower leads, etc.
  • Feasibility analysis is done for the automation use cases


  • In house domain experts document the existing process
  • Next, they discuss the documented workflow and get it approved
  • Detailed analysis of the existing toolset is next

Build and Support

  • The advisory team passes on the automation use cases to the developer team (BOT factory)
  • The automation solution is built and deployed
  • The success rate of each automation use case is tracked

We have a strong team of technical experts in areas of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and NLP to help our customers in building robust automation solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Gainshare – Hexaware would co-invest in the program and recover its investments only through the actual successful deployment of the use-cases and their high adoption 
  • Leverage Existing Tools – Tool agnostic, Hexaware would leverage the customers’ existing tools for day-to-day functions; bringing in additional tools to fill in the identified gaps around automation and orchestration thereby enriching the customer’s overall IT landscape


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