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Guidewire Testing

Digital disruption is changing business dynamics and Insurers are now looking at implementing packaged products like Guidewire to build digital operations. Insurance organizations are also competing with aggressive timelines and high-quality standards for rollouts of the Guidewire suite of products. These rollouts mandate an assurance model that enables enterprises to deliver bug-free products with agility and confidence. The journey, however, is traditionally full of hurdles.

Typical issues in testing for the Guidewire suite of products are as follows:

  • Multiple manual testing cycles and lack of automation in test design leads to increased testing cycle time and delays in releases
  • Test coverage is not adequately defined due to frequent requirement changes, leading to bugs in development and production
  • Limited number of production releases in a month / quarter due to multiple manual tests in the functionality before moving into production. This results in a tedious regression testing process and increases the release cycle time and speed-to-market
  • Missed budgets and business critical timelines due to sub-optimal allocation of test consultants
  • Test Automation development falls behind the Guidewire development / customization efforts, leading to zero continuous testing in DevOps pipeline and increased release cycle times

iD2E Framework for Guidewire Suite of Products

Integrated Design to Execution (iD2E) is the automation framework designed by Hexaware, which leverages Model Based Testing (MBT) for Test Design Automation as an additional lever which constitutes 40% of the Testing cycle. Traditionally this has been done manually. ‘iD2E’ seamlessly integrates Model Based Testing with the test execution automation suite, for regression and end-to-end automation.  From test case design to script generation to execution and reporting, iD2E automates all complex and critical tasks and brings intelligence and optimization to test design. MBT tool uses algorithms built on Test Design Techniques such as Risk Based Testing (RBT), Pairwise Testing, Orthogonal Array testing, etc. The resulting outcome is precise and the optimized Test Cases which are supported by language add-ins, make it easier to generate Test cases in English, German or both languages, increasing business acceptance. The Requirement Coverage Matrix ensures 100% coverage of requirements, leaving no room for human error. 

Effective Integration of a test automation execution suite with the MBT framework enables end-to-end automation for Guidewire InsuranceSuite and EnterpriseEngage implementation.  Hexaware has pre-built functional models specific to Guidewire InsuranceSuite and EnterpriseEngage to generate 6500+ test cases for the sample functionalities depicted below:  

Policy Center Claim Center Billing Center Enterprise Engage
Policy Submission Claims Intake Invoicing Initiate Quotes
Quote Claims Reserve Installments Submit Claims
Policy Issue Documents Payments Update Policy
Policy Change Litigation Matters Commissions Pay Installments
Renewals Claim Recovery Bank Accounts Renew Policy

These models built with the help of activity diagrams and structure diagrams; represent process flows and screen flows of business requirements.  

The test cases generated are then exported to a comprehensive, modular automation test suite with prebuilt reusable components, enabling end-to-end Guidewire Automation InsuranceSuite in formats accepted by both Open Source frameworks such as Selenium, Commercial tools or Hexaware’s Automation Platform built on Open Source tools. The Continuous Automation Suite execution in DevOps pipeline is facilitated by the Custom Jenkins plugin with a simple UI-based configuration.

In addition to on-premise execution environments, the automation scripts can be directly executed on browsers deployed on Cloud containers or commercial browser providers such as Saucelabs, BrowserStack, OpKey and

How are we different?

Hexaware has built the following accelerators across the testing phase for the Guidewire (GW) Platform:

  • End-to-end OOTB Models for GWPC, GWCC and GW Digital Products
  • Reusable Automation Components for GW version 8.0/9.0/10.0
  • API Test Framework for GW-specific API along with Partner Integration
  • GW Process Templates for end-to-end Testing, NFR gathering templates and synthetic test data template
  • ETL Testing Framework with pre-defined data mapping 
  • XML-based Test Data Utilities for injecting data into GW database through Entity Gen
  • Service Virtualisation for GW interactions with upstream and downstream systems for Time Travel testing

Key Benefits

  • 60% faster delivery; automation from sprint 1 with 6500+ pre-built test cases for Guidewire InsuranceSuite
  • Increase in the sprint velocity by 70% through early Continuous Testing to reduce the overall release cycle time by 50%
  • Early detection with high test coverage and 50% more defect detection
  • 400% faster returns on investment
  • Increased Manageability by 50%
  • 100% test documentation and traceability against requirements

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