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API Automation Testing

In today’s world, all the IT systems are becoming loosely coupled and collaborative. This helps businesses to grow at scale and integrate new systems, thereby achieving greater customer experience. To gain better collaboration, IT organizations are adopting Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) or Microservices Architecture for implementations. The service layer acts as a catalyst for digital application development and integration. Ensuring service layer quality is critical for all digital transformation projects.

Our Service Virtualization & API Testing Capabilities

Our service offerings that ensure proper implementation of the service layer include:

  • Automated testing for interfaces between applications
  • Automated testing for functionalities of the APIs exposed for consumption
  • Service Virtualization (virtualizing downstream or dependent systems / interfaces / API)

Service Virtualization – An Enabler for Service Layer Testing

Service Virtualization (SV) helps us to simulate the behavior of the dependent component or the constrained component for the system under test. The simulated component will not only satisfy the functional behavior but also incubate the non-functional behavior. This is critical for all digital transformation deliveries.

At Hexaware, we have a dedicated SV Centre of Excellence (CoE) with vast experience in terms of creating Service Virtualization Frameworks, having good governance procedures, and implementing models and resources both onsite and offshore to deliver the client’s SV needs. As part of Hexaware’s SV consulting, a SV tool selection framework is established to identify the right tools as per customer needs.

Hexaware has a defined process from initiation of SV journey at customer environment till setting up of the SV CoE.

Key Benefits

Advantages of using Hexaware’s API Testing Framework solution are:

  • Availability of inbuilt script library which reduces the automation effort by 40%
  • Integration with CI / CD framework with custom plugins
  • The framework supports most integration protocols like SOAP, REST and messaging protocols
  • Data-driven framework enabling data from various sources like databases, spreadsheets, etc.

Key Differentiators

Hexaware’s approach and automation framework for service layer testing ensures that APIs are tested thoroughly in all phases (component, integration, system, performance and security) of the test cycle.

Hexaware has a process called service node traceability which will be applied during the execution of API to identify the root cause of the problem in case of service failures resulting in quicker resolution of defects. Hexaware has also developed an in-house open source framework that enables easy implementation of the above approach.

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