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Automate End-to-end Testing Lifecycle

Organizations with multiple ongoing application development and deployment lifecycles require a faster time-to-market. They tend to dedicate less time for testing while covering limited test cases. In fact, a recent study by a Leading Analyst organization notes that an enterprise at an average automates only 16% of its entire Application Testing Lifecycle. Even those enterprises that do invest in automation, are unable to realize the desired ROI. So, there is a need for a solution that guarantees coverage and automates the entire testing lifecycle across design, execution and reporting.

Hexaware’s Automation First philosophy helps QA teams overcome this barrier, by widening the reach of automation to over 80% of your entire application development and deployment lifecycle.

Hexaware’s Test Automation Philosophy

TALOS is Hexaware’s Smart Test Automation platform that enables rapid test automation for applications developed across multiple platforms (Desktop Web, Mobile Web and Mobile Native Android and IOS based Apps) and diverse SDLC styles, including the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) approach.

TALOS accelerates the creation of BDD automation scripts through the below features:

  • Importing feature files to create the automation scripts using AI / NLP features
  • Robust test execution through self-healing locators
  • Advanced Maintenance features with detailed insights to enable faster maintenance
  • Bulk import of feature files to quickly create automation scripts
  • Integrated IDE for feature file creation and automation script generation concurrently, creates a much superior and simpler automation-creation experience

Hexaware’s Solution Levers

  • Automation using Model Based Testing: Provides benefits like enhanced coverage, 100% requirement traceability, optimal test cases to name a few – an estimated 40% effort saving is achieved compared to the manual way of creating test cases.
  • Execution of Automation Scripts: Hexaware has built automation accelerators for both open source and commercial tools that can also be used in isolation to develop automation script. TALOS is Hexaware’s Multichannel Automation solution (Web, Mobile, Chatbot & Desktop) built on open source platforms.
  • Test Report Automation: Hexaware’s Insight 360, a “Tool Agnostic” automated test reporting solution automates 100% of test reporting activities. It provides a real-time view on the testing progress with transparent views on vendor performance against the contractual SLAs or KPIs.

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