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Get Performance Testing Right

The need for business applications to be available at the required performance SLAs is a given. Hence, making your production predictable is the key to application availability and performance.

Hexaware’s Performance Testing and Engineering solution combines tool expertise with Diagnosis (APM) solutions. Our Software Performance Testing guarantees the need-for-speed necessities of enterprise digital transformations by designing custom solutions that enhance the business value chain.

Simply put, performance is money. In today’s world of digital transactions, faster processing, responsiveness and delightful user experience are business vitals. Hexaware’s blend of Performance Testing and Engineering services delivers custom solutions with diversified technology experience and leverages open source, commercial tools and the Cloud infrastructure. This assures high-performance levels of the business assets for organizations during their digital transformation journey.

Hexaware’s Performance Engineering services assures your seconds to milliseconds digital transaction journeys by designing customer-centric performance test solutions with agility, automation and deep-dive analysis for performance optimization.

You can use the same tools for production monitoring to enable feedback between production reality vs test outcomes and narrow down the gaps observed by reviewing NFRs on a continuous basis.

As an enterprise, we always strive to put our best foot forward for optimal performance, delivering enhanced customer services. How can we ensure this in this digital age? Hexaware has a proven track record of helping businesses acutely test applications’ performance before they are market-facing, that too, while ensuring cost efficiency. Watch the video to know how you can maximize your performance with our Performance Engineering capabilities.

Service Offering

Hexaware’s Performance Assurance Framework (PAF)

The key objective of Non-Functional testing, in simple terms, is to ensure that the production performance becomes predictable release after release. Now to get there –

  1. The first challenge is to mimic production conditions in the test environment. There is a need for a scientific method to derive some parameters for test design
  2. The second challenge is to choose the right tools to monitor correct metrics for diagnosing performance bottlenecks
  3. Lastly, one needs to know how to enable continuous improvement through production feedback

Our solution is based on the test design approach, which is derived from Little’s Law (Queuing theory). It helps to calibrate think time, pacing for a given user load or achieve the required throughput. You can monitor, collect and analyze various system performance metrics across technology stack like resource utilization, web / app / database performance metrics, mobile device metrics and network metrics using market tools like Dynatrace, AppD, NewRelic, CA, Applicare and more.

How are we different?

  • Continuous innovation to build solutions across the ever-changing technology landscape
  • Strategic partnerships with tool vendors
  • Investments in IPs and dedicated labs
  • World-class skills around Performance Engineering with 360-degree coverage

Key Benefits

Hexaware’s Performance Assurance Framework will help you

  • Achieve 100% NFR and test coverage
  • Improve production performance predictability 
  • Achieve high availability for applications in production

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