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ETL / Data Warehouse Testing

A business application is only as good as the data it contains!

With the increased adoption of Cloud and digital technologies, there is a greater need for ensuring data integrity post adoption of Big Data, Cloud, Data Warehouse and ETL / BI. Organizations that have embarked or planning on any Cloud Migration, Enterprise Data Warehouse implementations or any other digital transformation initiatives will have to address the following challenges:

  • Dealing with validation of complex transformations, millions of records, running into petabytes & exabytes of data, especially as full-volume testing and support of continuous integration mode
  • Need for analyzing and testing the deluge of data at the same blazing speed it’s getting generated
  • Maintaining accuracy and relevance of data and reliability from heterogeneous data sources in varied formats (Relational Databases, XML, CSV, PDF, XLS, AVRO, PARQUET, HDFS and more)

Hexaware’s  JUMBO: Automated Data Testing Solution 

JUMBO helps Quality Assurance teams separate ‘noise’ from ‘insights’. It’s an end-to-end automated data testing solution that works across all stages of the Data Adoption Lifecycle – Data Pre-Extraction Testing, Data Extraction Testing, Data Transformation Testing

JUMBO offering comes with no associated license costs and compares large volume of data in lesser time as compared to other tools. Moreover, it hugely reduces manual effort and can be customized for specific queries. Employing this tool assures our customers of our AUTOMATE EVERYTHING TM priority and reduces their cost overlay.

Key Features of JUMBO 

  • Supports ETL validation, reconciliations, business rules validation, etc.
  • Compares large volumes of data in lesser time
  • No licence costs
  • Ability to join heterogeneous data sources, query them and run comparisons

Key Benefits of JUMBO

  • 100% data comparison eliminating random sampling
  • User-friendly match / mismatch reports of the compared results
  • Custom Query option
  • Repository of all the previous executions for future analysis
  • Support for NoSQL database

Automated Test Data Management

Test data is critical for any application to ensure proper validation of business functionality. Enterprises need to manage the complete test and development cycle of test data — not only focusing on provisioning and refreshing but also ensuring its security and ongoing governance. Agile development, DevOps, increasing data volume, Big Data, and growing regulatory pressure, demand an increasingly sophisticated test data platform. This is best achieved through efficient test data management.

At Hexaware, Test Data Management is a sub offering under Data Centric Testing. We bring in robust test data management practices from our enterprise-level test data support experience. The Test Data Engineering team comprising Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs), Database Administrators (DBAs), Data Analysts have helped customers solve their test data needs using commercial tools like IBM Optim, Genrocket, CA TDM, Infomatica and also many custom tools like self-service portal, data reservation portal, etc. All this is achieved through different approaches like using synthetic data, using a blend of synthetically replaced data & production data and virtualized test data.

How are we different?

  • License-free automated data validation
  • Ensures 100% testing of data
  • Guarantees a minimum 50% reduction in time and cost
  • Can work with any input and output data source
Benchmarks observed for “Jumbo” are:
Source Target No. of Records (In millions) (A) No. of Columns (B) Data Point Validations (C = A * B) Execution Time
MS SQL MS Azure SQL 4.00 381 1.5 Billion 28 m 18 sec
Oracle AWS Redshift 15.00 50 772 Million 54 m 17 sec
Oracle AWS S3 Bucket 6.00 24 144 Million 54 m 5 sec
AWS PostgreSQL AWS PostgreSQL 3.90 6 23.4 Million 5 m 26 sec
CSV File Hive 2.00 22 44 Million 5 m 11 sec
MS SQL MS Azure SQL 0.45 76 34.2 Million 4 m 16 Sec
Oracle Oracle 0.50 19 9.5 Million 1 m 53 sec

Our Data-Centric Testing Offerings

  • ETL / DWBI Reports

    Employed after the completion of an ETL exercise, this offering aims to test the data that has been loaded onto the client’s servers. This service can be extended to any customer that has sourced Hexaware’s Business Intelligence & Analytics offerings, like Data Modernization and BI Modernization.

  • Migration & Upgrade

    It is performed to ensure that all the qualified data from the source has been successfully migrated to the target in the desired manner. This offering can be extended to any customer who has employed Hexaware’s Data Migration exercise, such as Sitecore to Azure migration, Cloud migration, etc.

  • Database Testing

    It tests the third layer of an application, i.e., the database layer and performs a health check on the existing database on the following parameters: Database Schema Check, Database Security Check, Online Transaction Processing Check and Data Integrity Check.

  • Big Data Testing

    It is performed on metadata that our customers migrate to Big Data platforms like Hadoop. The testing is done both prior to and after the migration has been successfully completed. This service can be extended in conjunction with any BI offering that deals with Big Data platforms.

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