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Artificial intelligence testing for futuristic applications

Hexaware offers artificial intelligence testing services for applications infused with Conversational AI, Predictive AI, Vision AI, and Intelligent RPA solutions. Hexaware has been a frontrunner in putting together a comprehensive approach in testing complex AI-infused applications.

Businesses are fast adopting AI and Machine Learning to improve efficiency in their digital transformation journey and reduce human need for analysis. Over the years, untested AI-based systems have failed businesses and misguided enterprises regarding the estimated need for retrospection and recalibration, resulting in higher development cost.

AI testing has become a critical part of extending testing beyond the UI as the AI components have a probabilistic outcome, unclear definitions of test oracle, and are heavily dependent on the training dataset. The business implications can be higher if the AI components are not thoroughly tested for different real-time business needs.

AI-infused application testing needs to ensure that the business requirements are converted into appropriate features, data ingestion, processing, modelling and integration phases are successful in each independent phase and overall, as an application.

How are we different?

Hexaware’s Testing AI service offering provides an adaptive approach for different types of AI components embedded in applications (ML- Classification, Regression, Clustering, NLP, ComputerVision, RPA), primarily focusing on end-to-end testing of the AI-infused application covering:

  • Functional testing pertaining to UI and AI expectations to be inclined with business expectations
  • Data Collection and Pre-processing testing to validate for potential bias, the inclusion of critical business combinations, outlier analysis
  • Model Prediction Outcome testing to validate the appropriate prediction results to meet business requirements with positive and negative test approach
  • Model quality validation across different applicable metrics
  • End-to-End integration testing covering UI, UX, and API layers in addition to AI layer

We offer testing services for applications infused with:

  • Conversational AI Testing

    Conversational AI (Chatbot and Voice bot systems) that are AI-enabled or rule-based, need thorough testing before customer interaction is enabled. Businesses are migrating to conversational assistants primarily to close the gap between business and customers and thereby reducing the need for live agents. This helps in quicker query resolution and business process completion.

    Conversational bots are in high demand. With increasing trends in adoption across industries such as Banking, Insurance, Airlines, HR Operations, Retail etc., – the need for robust testing of conversational AI has become vital to ensure that the customer experience is better when the bots are deployed in production. The risk of end-users not returning to the bots due to unpleasant experiences can lead to loss of business as well.

    Hexaware offers a multi-dimensional approach to test Chatbots (AI-enabled/Rule-based/FAQ) and Voice bots (Voice-enabled or Smart Assistants) focusing on:

    • Shift Left Testing Approach – Evaluating correctness of a trained chatbot
    • Thorough testing of chatbots for user experience
    • Integration quality on different channels

    Hexaware’s Conversational AI Testing Solution:

    Hexaware’s Chatbot and Voice bot Testing Platform ConvoCalibrator aims to ensure the quality of the conversational bots are improved across the UI integration, NLP engine, Utterance quality, and Business transaction implementation.

    Key components of ConvoCalibrator:

    • ConvoTester: Enables automated testing design and test execution across conversational flows, entity fulfilment, intent prediction precision, etc. to ensure accurate response quality
    • ConvoBuilder: AI-enabled test design augmenter powered with linguistic and rich built-in domain-specific intelligence to enhance test coverage, focusing on validating the Chatbot’s NLP engine and training quality
    • ConvoSifter: AI-enabled assessment engine to validate the quality of intent training phrases
    • ConvoGrasp: Additionally validates ‘Voice design’ quality with a focus on ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), multi-dialect, multi-language testing
    • ConvoReporter: Interactive test reports projecting bot’s quality at Assistant, Skill, and Intent level along with the quality metrics

    Our testing solution targets assuring the quality of multiple Conversational AI solutions, including Virtual Assistants, Voice-enabled Smart Assistants, AI-infused Contact Centres, IVRs, etc.

  • Predictive AI

    Applications infusing predictive Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing solutions predominantly focus on predicting business decisions or process continuation. The more inclined predictions are towards business thresholds/goals, the better an application can function autonomously.

    To assist our customer with seamless ML/NLP adoption, we focus on testing end-to-end thoroughly with possible combinations, anticipating early failure, quicker recovery, and succeeding in real-time.

    Our end-to-end testing approach targets to bring in QA early in the MLOps cycle, right from business goal definition, data analysis to integration, and deployment.

    Below are the key highlights of our testing services:

    • End-to-end testing approach (Supervised and Unsupervised ML) – from covering different levers such as feature selection validation testing, dataset testing, and model quality validation
    • Data collection and pre-processing testing to validate for bias, the inclusion of critical business combinations, outlier analysis
    • Model Prediction outcome testing with positive-negative combinations, integration, and regression testing

  • Vision AI

    An intricately embedded set of applications process images in the form of Facial Photos, Documents, and Images to process their content and take decisions.  Hexaware provides a comprehensive Computer Vision testing approach targeting validation of dataset (class imbalance, occlusion, skew, etc.), image detection and recognition, model quality, integration testing, along with UI/UX.

    Key highlights of Vision AI testing service offering:

    • An end-to-end testing approach that covers image detection and recognition, including training and test data validation across all Computer Vision features
    • Model Training Validation, Dataset testing (Class Imbalance, Stratification Testing)
    • UI/UX integration testing

    Hexaware has credible expertise in performing end-to-end testing of Intelligent Document Processing Systems comprising of text extraction using Computer Vision (OCR), Text Analytics with NLP, and Classification through ML.

  • Intelligent RPA

    Our tool-agnostic approach to self-test processes built on any RPA tool (UI Path, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, AutomatON, etc.) to verify correct implementations of workflow, business, system, and technical exceptions, etc. has proven to reduce the number of production defects, which could have impacted the business continuity.

    Below are the key highlights of our Intelligent RPA testing services:

    • Semi-automated functional test approach of RPA process with self-test code (Covering Process Quality for Completion and Correctness)
    • Validation of appropriate Business, Technical, and System exception handling of RPA BOTs
    • Cognitive AI components training and calibration evaluation
    • BOT scheduler, execution, and closure testing with positive and negative edge cases
    • Production deployment readiness validation with synthesized real-time data

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