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Ensure Optimal Business Growth

Hexaware’s Digital Assurance practice empowers enterprises to be digital disruptors in their market place.

With digital disruption and hyper-convergence changing the dynamics of businesses, enterprises must be agile and adaptable to the dynamic changes in technology while adopting personalization and contextual services to woo the customer.

A rich, secure, and multi-channel customer experience backed by domain specialization is paramount for businesses to succeed and this makes digital assurance and testing even more critical.

We engage as your trusted partner, and guarantee business outcomes and risk containment. We deliver significant value to our customers through continuous innovation, which is driven by a talented team of multi-skilled specialists with business and technology expertise ensures agility, flexibility, and scalability at a significantly lower TCO.

Why Hexaware

Digital Transformation Assurance

Hexaware’s next generation quality assurance and testing expertise enables seamless digital transformation and provides end-to-end validation from data to actionable insight at the point of business.

Automation First Policy

Our automation first approach provides the best in class autonomics. As pioneers in the development and use of test automation accelerators, our intelligent automation approach across the engineering lifecycle powers end-to-end DevOps acceleration, enhances quality maturity, focuses on risk containment, and optimizes cycle time to achieve economies and speed beyond traditional models.

Data Quality Management

Research has shown that data quality and associated security concerns remain at the forefront of customers’ minds especially when the impact of poor data quality can have dramatic effects on your brand image. We aim to help customers manage the risk of data use, consumption, and deployment with established frameworks for the management, automated data validation, and security of all of your enterprise data.


The latest research on software quality cites security and corporate image at the top of the list of concerns for the digital enterprise. Not a day goes by where your application is being probed for security gaps that can be exploited.

Our digital assurance practice incorporates security testing at the code level making sure that the most secure practices and standards are incorporated early into your software lifecycle.

Omni-channel Usability

Today’s digital environment has enabled users to expect applications to exist across multiple devices and with the latest set of features as soon as they get their morning coffee; expectations enabled by the pervasiveness of mobile devices, the cloud, and social media.

Applications are expected to have the same usability regardless of device or interaction channel, making uniformity of usability an imperative for your users in which the digital assurance usability practice has shown customers with measurable improvements using our research lab derived framework.

Performance Engineering

Our performance engineering practice combines the process and systems engineering with the correct tooling and instrumentation to improve your application response time using root cause analysis that delves deep into the code level.

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