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Fast Track your Cloud Migration with an Intelligent Cloud Transformation Strategy

Agility, the new business currency, is difficult to achieve while having to manage an estate of legacy applications. Legacy application migration to the cloud, containerization, or re-factoring of these have been blockers to drive a speedy cloud transformation for digital evolution in enterprises. The need to transform the backbone drives cost and drags out transformation timelines as well. Breaking through these barriers will unleash the power of digital for enterprises across the organization.

Let’s break through these walls jointly by using our amazing range of cloud transformation services and solutions.

Cloud transformation Services

Amaze® – For Rapid and Cost-efficient Cloud Transformation

Finding the right approach and driving amazing speed of cloud transformation is a challenge and can be a major roadblock in legacy application migration to the cloud. Amaze® solution and service range focuses exactly on this challenge and delivers quality and speed along with great TCO reduction. Amaze® cloud transformation services specializes in analyzing applications in record time, providing recommendations for the transformation journey using automation, and executing the transformation towards all target architectures with maximum speed.


Amaze® Benefits for Accelerated Cloud Adoption

  • Analyses applications in days not weeks
  • Provides recommendations down to code level
  • Executes application cloud transformation in weeks not months


Amaze® Achieves this Rapid Cloud Transformation

  • Cloud economic toolkit to guide the best cloud transformation strategy based on business needs
  • A service catalogue of fine-grained migration/modernization patterns
  • Automation tools purpose built for some of the most common enterprise workloads
  • Templates, cookbooks and best practices to ensure robust architecture, security, compliance and performance


Let amaze® be your beacon as you navigate through your cloud transformation journey.

Hexaware's Amaze® Offerings

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