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Building Agile Enterprises through Digital Augmentation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks. Business processes require lots of rules-based processing such as recording data entry into applications, calculations, triggering responses, etc. RPA technology can be used to handle such processing, while providing speed in execution and improvement in accuracy. The characteristics of business processes that are suitable for RPA include

  • Simple and rote tasks (based on explicit rules)
  • High volume, highly repeatable tasks prone to human error
  • Interfacing with multiple systems (hence limited ability to perform IT automation / systems integration)

A recent joint global study with HfS and Hexaware on RPA adoption revealed that 98% of the global enterprises across industries have an automation agenda; where 82% of them believe that RPA, AI, ML are some of the critical C-Suite directives in their operation strategy. The HfS study titled – ‘The State of Automation and AI: C-Suite’s Number One Strategic Imperative for Operations’ reveals that RPA is starting to be used effectively in this era of innovation while Intelligent Automation interventions like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Automation and Natural Language Processing etc. will become more mainstream in the next couple years.

Organizations are evolving in the way they operate today. The shift towards digital innovation is inevitable due to proliferation of disruptive technologies that is stimulating the enterprises to reimagine their business operations; be Finance and Accounting, Customer Experience, Human Resources or industry specific processes Enterprises are still in the initial stages of embracing RPA or Intelligent Automation or are confused around the hype and its actual capabilities in driving digital transformation for organizations. The fact is Automation is real and to stay here.

Hexaware applies transformative approaches and exponential technologies like RPA, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing using its proprietary Digital Managed Services (DMS) solution to design futuristic man-machine operating model for clients. Through this model, we take on the entire operation of business process, learn, streamline and progressively automate. In doing so, we assume the entire risk of implementing Robotic Process Automation and provide strategic cost and risk benefits from day one of implementation. With Hexaware’s DMS, enterprises have augmented human capabilities, elevated customer experience and accelerated business growth.

Getting Started with RPA

Hexaware discerned the trends earlier than most and established a transformation organization consisting of RPA tools CoE, RPA delivery organization & transformation assessment CoE. Our approach to successfully manoeuvre the challenges for RPA journey is detailed in the below figure:

Avoiding the Pitfalls to successful IA Journey

Our strong belief is to follow a detailed business process assessment before embarking on any RPA journey. To enable that journey, Hexaware has a designed a prioritization framework and methodology which analyses any business process on multiple parameters such as Process Complexity and Variability, Operational Complexity, Legal & Regulatory Risk and finally, transaction volume. Once the assessment is completed, Hexaware assessment team comes up with the right approach for which phase-wise implementation of use cases (which ones to start with, which ones not to automate), selection of the right toolsets, benefits to the process, and finally the customer ROI and breakeven timelines.

Automation Partners

We take a tool-agnostic approach to design a responsive automation solution providing an opportunity for clients to use a combination of best-of-the-breed platform in their business processes while allowing them to remain autonomous from proprietary platforms and solutions and thereby avoiding vendor lock-in.

Partnership depends on the needs of the customer. We provide the following type of support:

  • End to End support: This includes buying licenses, implementation, development and post implementation support to the client managed completely by Hexaware
  • Implementation and Post Implementation support: The client may have already acquired the license and Hexaware may provide only implementation and post implementation support
  • Ongoing Support: For client’s automation CoE, Hexaware can provide implementation and ongoing support for an agreed duration.

We have partnered with Automation Anywhere, WorkFusion, UiPath, BluePrism, PegaSystems, Amazon Connect, Alexa.

Our Accelerators & IPs

Hexaware’s Digital Operations Command Centre (DOCC) provides a unified interface to monitor and manage automation enabled Operations. Following are some of the key features:

  • RPA Tool Agnostic – Ability to integrate with BOTs developed on different RPA technologies
  • Real time monitoring of all stages of the process and task execution across humans and BOTs
  • Integration with underlying process enabling systems through API / ODBC
  • Unified dashboard view of process and bot performance
  • Ability to embed multiple KPIs to monitor the process and Bot performance and monitor leveraging the built-in dashboard (refer Additional Comments for a sample list of KPIs)

RoboBank is a Centralized Repository of reusable RPA components and libraries which aids:

  • Accelerated Bot development
  • Development standardization
  • Reduction of development and maintenance effort
  • Interface for contextual search-based retrieval

RoboBank has been established to enable accelerated development of bots that involve common functionalities and has been leveraged on multiple engagements.

Configuration Manager provides operations teams with the ability to rapidly respond to business requirements / business rule changes without or with minimal intervention from the automation team. The end user is enabled with:

  • An interface to select applicable process functionality and configure business rules (e.g. select / de-select pre-defined process steps, validations, formats, etc.)
  • Ability to make changes to process parameters (e.g. threshold limits, input sources)

Unified Screen enables effective human assisted automation around unstructured input data sets and reference data collated from multiple systems on a single screen

  • Single window / screen to all relevant data for a particular task
  • Reduced effort to surf / sift through multiple systems to pick data
  • Enables faster decision making and enhanced productivity
  • Platform and solution agnostic – can connect with a multitude of systems

Leaders” in Nelson Hall’s NEAT Vendor Evaluation for “RPA & AI in Banking” under AI, Legacy Process Automation, RPA, Support for Banking Models & Overall Segments 2017

Major Contenders” in the Everest “Business Process Service Delivery Automation- PEAK Matrix™ Assessment” 2017

Reimagining Business Processes with RPA

We have been automating a wide variety of process using RPA, across industries. Some of the top applications of RPA include:

Financial Services: Companies in the financial services industry have used RPA for foreign exchange payments, automating account openings and closings, managing audit requests and processing insurance claims.

We guaranteed 47% TCO saving for top 5 global bank by transforming their payment investigation process to an integrated an-machine model using RPA & Machine Learning technologies

Healthcare: We help healthcare clients embrace intelligent automation to digitize seamlessly integrate their back office and front office processes including revenue cycle management, A/R – billing, patient records, claims management, account management, reporting and customer support to make their internal operations more successful. This helps in addressing large scale challenges like rising healthcare costs, competitive & highly regulated environment and the quest to provide effective patient care at affordable rates.

Finance and Accounting (F&A): Our F&A SSC delivery includes full suite digital solutions deployment across Payables, Receivables, GL, FP&A & Master Data Management along with cutting edge Robotics & Machine Learning interventions.

We delivered 33% TCO saving through automation led labour correction process for a large global engineering firm.

Human Resources: Using RPA, we have automated HR tasks, including onboarding and offboarding, updating employee information and timesheet submission processes.

35% overall reduction of efforts using smart automation in the background verification process for a large background screening company enabled a shift from manual to Digital labour

Customer Experience: Delivering customer intimacy at the right time, right place and the right channels using smart technologies through a Virtual Assistance (Both Chat & Voice), enabling tools like Alexa, Amelia etc to enhance the customer journey. We help deploy futuristic solutions including RPA, ML, Cognitive and move voice to self-service backed by IOT, integrating internal back-office and front office processes to deliver an elevated customer experience.

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