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Robotic Process Automation

Today the struggle for large and small enterprises is to be more responsive to the dynamic and ever changing economy. In effect of this challenge, business leaders are leveraging technology options that automate their processes and deliver work faster in a competitive environment. The significant acceleration of RPA has not only opened avenues for organizations to further save on cost but also streamline the business processes by automating and removing repetitive tasks performed with human intervention.

Any company which has labor intensive processes where people are performing high-volume, highly transactional process functions, will boost their capabilities and save money and time with robotic process automation. Similarly RPA offers enough advantage to companies which operate with very few people or shortage of labor. Process automation accelerates all functions like finance/accounting, customer service, human resources, procurement, supply chain, logistics; including back-office tasks like data management, invoice and order management, authorize online access or swift access to multiple existing systems.

Application of RPA

Automation for Finance and Accounting-

Automation presents significant avenues in finance and accounting areas, including: cross-system manual processing, data gathering and reporting, reconciliation of matching errors, monthly account closure, bulk data updates while integrating with your existing business applications. Another immediate opportunity for Finance leaders is to automate the accounts payable which is manual intensive process and prone to errors due to data flowing from discrete and non-standardized sources. Our solutions can automate and streamline manual, spreadsheet-driven processes and adds exceptional control, visibility, and efficiency. Hexaware’s RPA solutions can bring the necessary process transformation that truly delivers productivity by reducing human effort, that too at a fraction of cost; enabling real-time “Swivel-Chair” interface by removing redundancies.

Robotic Automation for Healthcare Payer Claim Adjudication process-

Healthcare payers; large and small are under pressure to reduce total cost of claims administration including adjudication, improving payment for claims, speed of claim settlement and accuracy. Payers regardless of all sizes are seeking out robotic automation solutions to eradicate the costly, human-capital intensive processes that have long been associated with claims processing.

Benefits of RPA-

  • Fundamentally software robots are 100% accurate and significantly improve quality and process accuracy
  • Up to 40% cost reduction in large scale transaction volumes scenario
  • 70-80% of the rule based processes can be automated
  • Easy integration with your legacy systems
  • Reduce training, hiring costs and free-up internal resources
  • Software robots can be run 24×7, 52 weeks a year with low or no maintenance at all
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