Enabling Intelligent Automation CoE for a Leading European Insurance Provider Enabling Intelligent Automation CoE for a Leading European Insurance Provider

Enabling Intelligent Automation CoE for a Leading European Insurance Provider

From legacy to innovation: Hexaware's CoE journey powers automation for a leading European insurance giant.


The client is among the four largest Belgian banks and a provider of insurance products. With over 700 branches in Belgium, they provide a wide range of life and non-life insurance products for all ages, sectors, and businesses.


With a nearly decade-old relationship with the client and an excellent delivery track record, the client wanted us to drive automation adoption as a strategic priority across operations.

Some of the challenges faced by the client were:

  • Multiple manual processes that were prone to errors
  • Lack of scalability to handle volume fluctuations
  • Numerous legacy applications that slowed down processes and made it cumbersome
  • Multiple processes having fractional full-time equivalents (FTEs), which resulted in sub-par employee utilization and productivity, laying financial stress on the client

The client, seeking strategic automation driven by our longstanding relationship and proven track record, grappled with challenges such as error-prone manual processes, scalability issues, cumbersome legacy applications, and sub-optimal employee utilization, causing financial strain.


Hexaware’s approach involved working closely with the client to understand their requirements and recommending the right solution after extensive analysis. The Hexaware team set up an intelligent automation center of excellence (CoE) to implement specialized bots across the enterprise. We devised a flexible team structure that helped drive faster time-to-production for bots, consisting of an onshore-offshore model where the requirement gathering took place offshore, and this was communicated onshore to aid quick development and deployment.

One of the biggest challenges that we faced was the initial deployments on the client’s legacy environment. Due to the vast potential of automation that we showcased, the client decided to migrate the entire project to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This was a massive challenge that required the best stakeholder management and the ability to devise innovative solutions to speed up the deployment process. Although working with other vendors and getting approvals from the client was challenging, our team’s consistent efforts were vital in achieving migration without any adverse business impact.The center of excellence that we set up absorbed best practices and insights, all while spreading the word to our clients’ key players. We devised a framework of system, processes, and controls to accelerate, scale, and sustain deployments, without compromising on information security and compliance.

One process that was successfully automated was the generation and delivery of insurance certificates.

Hexaware’s efforts helped it to become the sole automation partner of choice for the customer, with 14 live bots and 15 in the pipeline.

Key Solutions and Highlights

  • Documentation: Creation of extensive process documentation along with process manuals
  • Model: Onshore-offshore model to enable seamless delivery with cost benefits
  • Robotic process automation (RPA): Automation across 11 processes, such as insurance certificate generation and workers’ compensation

Hexaware successfully tackled the client’s challenges by establishing an automation Center of Excellence, implementing specialized bots, overcoming legacy environment hurdles, and ultimately becoming the client’s exclusive automation partner with a significant bot portfolio.


  • Delivered 100% process standardization and automation for clients
  • Reduced processing time by 96%
  • Improved quality scores to 98.9%


Hexaware partnered with a leading European insurance provider to establish an intelligent automation CoE, addressing challenges such as manual errors, scalability issues, and legacy application constraints.

The collaboration involved a flexible onshore-offshore team structure and the deployment of specialized bots. Overcoming hurdles in the client’s legacy environment, Hexaware’s automation prowess led to the migration of the entire project to a virtual desktop infrastructure. The CoE ensured best practices, accelerated deployments, and heightened security measures. With 14 live bots and 15 in the pipeline, Hexaware became the client’s exclusive automation partner. Key solutions included extensive documentation, an onshore-offshore model, and automation across 11 processes.

The achieved benefits encompassed 100% process standardization, a 96% reduction in processing time, and a remarkable quality score of 98.9%, marking a transformative impact on the client’s operations.

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