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Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

As enterprises vie to build and compete on digital capabilities, developing a strong data foundation and building the best-in-class analytics capabilities consistently figure in the top 5 strategic IT priorities. Decision makers across the industries expect their IT partners to understand the intricacies of their business processes and align the business needs with the right technology.

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions combine the best of both worlds – Strong Domain Expertise with impeccable technology credentials – to provide the “Right” solutions to our customers. Our data science community is well equipped in solving business problems along with skills in data crunching and predictive modelling.

In today’s digital economy, shaped by the ubiquitous Internet and a multitude of devices, leaders and laggards are differentiated by their capability to use data to create value. Consequently, there is now a huge demand for newer insights based on enormous amount of unguided exploration, and a variety of data. Furthermore, such insights are increasingly required in real-time to significantly impact business outcomes.

On the other hand, today, increasing data volumes and newer sources of data are posing a formidable challenge to the enterprises’ information systems. Enterprises need to build the next-gen capabilities to effectively deal with this data deluge and produce meaningful insights.

Hexaware’s Big Data Analytics services help enterprises quickly create and deploy impactful Big Data Analytics solutions

The Hexaware Advantage

  • Quick and precise, 4 weeks of big data assessment for Business value, with Proof of Concept
  • Superior text mining capability, Data warehouse/BI optimization capabilities powered by Hexaware’s Patent-pending Frameworks and Accelerators
  • Successful track record in deploying industry-leading analytics solutions such as AIM, iFraudEngine, MRO Analytics, Machine Intelligence and Asset Utilization
  • Expert big data analytics team with multiple industry recognitions

Our wide range of Advanced Analytics solutions, help organizations predict the future business outcomes and stay competitive.

Core competencies:

  • Data Mining – finds patterns in data to predict behaviours and future trends
  • Text Mining – enables the enterprise to derive high quality information from textual and unstructured data
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) – initiates actions by analyzing multiple data streams in real-time
  • Business Process Simulations – provides a dynamic view of the business’s future by leveraging statistical and business process simulations
  • Optimization – prescribes methods to optimize operations for generating maximum business value

With the focus on customer needs and the core competency we have built, we offer the following advanced analytics services:

  • Advanced Analytics Consulting
  • Architecture & Tool Selection
  • Models Development
  • On-going support, maintenance & enhancement
  • Integration with Business applications, Data warehouse, Business Intelligence & Big Data

Some of our advanced analytics solutions:

  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Upsell / Cross-sell
  • Voice of the customer / employee
  • Social media, Sentiment analytics and Competitive intelligence
  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fraud analytics
  • Optimization solutions for crew scheduling, load and route optimizations

Organizations today are inundated with data from multiple internal and external sources which play a vital role in maximizing revenue, minimizing costs, improving customer satisfaction and mitigating risks. It is vital for an organization to share, store, secure and retrieve the data in the most optimal way.

Data Management enables an organization to manage the end to end process from data acquisition & data storage to information delivery. Some of the key data management functions are:

  • Data Acquisition / integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Virtualization
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Data Storage /operations management

Hexaware has successfully helped customers define Data Management strategy.

Key Services of our offerings include:

  • Data Management IT and Operations Transformation Consulting:Assessment of organizations’ current state and helping define the future state, detailed health analysis and defining the future state architecture with cost benefit analysis aligning with business priorities
  • Business data integration, consolidation and Architecting: : Front to back office integration leveraging Hexaware proprietary frameworks like DIMA – Data Integration Metadata Analyzer, DART – Data Integration analysis and review tools.
  • BI Analysis and Information Delivery: Building and managing Data Marts, Client Reporting, portals and workflows.
  • Metadata Solutions: Building and management of business, technology and process metadata leveraging tools like Belva – proprietary metadata management tool and DIMA.
  • Data Quality assessment and implementation: Help organizations define Data quality and governance standards through defined business entities, ready repository of business rules and DQ framework.
  • Third party product selection and implementation: Building and implementation of reference data solutions using bespoke or third party products like Eagle, Golden source, CADIS/MEDM. Rolling RFP processes to help define product selections and product implementations.
  • Business Process Management: Integrated IT/BPO service for Data Scrubbing, Cleansing, Consolidation and validation via mature and proven business process architecture with established SLAs, controls and KPI/Dashboards

As more and more data is collected and analyzed, decision makers at all levels want data visualization techniques that enable them to see analytical results presented visually, find relevance among the millions of variables and help them make smarter decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Data Visualization services spectrum at Hexaware includes

  • Architecture and Tool selection
  • Dashboards, Scorecards, What-if analysis
  • Self-service reporting, Analytical reporting, Operational and Real time reporting
  • Mobile delivery
  • Platform upgrade or migration
  • Portal integration
  • Platform administration and support

Our expertise and experience in Data Visualization includes

  • Successfully implementing latest visualization utilities using SVG and javascript libraries
  • Implementing Executive dashboards and power user sandbox environments
  • Implementing solutions with new sources like Social Media adapters, Hadoop environments
  • Expertise in the Mobile BI delivery of data visualization solutions
  • Building SDK based products like BIMA, SLA and RLA which help in environment assessment and consolidation
  • Partnership with all major platform providers
  • Setting up of labs for evaluation, training and proof of concepts
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