Sustainability Solutions powered by Data Transformation  Sustainability Solutions powered by Data Transformation 

Sustainability Solutions powered by Data Transformation 

Fiber Solutions Manufacturer Becomes a Data-First Enterprise with Data Architecture Modernization on Azure Cloud


Our client is a leading global provider of sustainable fiber solutions with a revenue of over €15.5 billion. With a widespread presence in more than 13 countries and employing over 6800+ people, they serve multiple growing and distinctive manufacturing end markets, focusing on delivering viable and pioneering solutions.

€15.5 Billion Revenue


Business Challenges  

The client’s complex operating data environment was spread across 38 plants, and the existing on-premises data warehouse ecosystem lacked seamless integration, housed on cloud platforms – Oracle Exadata, PL/SQL, and SAP Business Objects.  

The business faced several challenges creating bottlenecks in operations. Its decentralized data sources resulted in a lack of a single source of truth, while setbacks for simplified data sharing across the organization led to delayed insights.  

There was no on-demand analytics platform that could support pertinent decision-making, and a rigid and siloed on-premises ecosystem for individual plants slowed time-to-market for multiple innovative products.  

Furthermore, there were no common KPIs across the organization to measure operational efficiency across the plants. These problems resulted in the existing system being unable to handle increasing business demands, while its high operational and license costs became a lingering impediment. 

Data Infrastructure Challenges  

Our client aimed to navigate end-of-life and priority-one support challenges for existing technologies while ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud.  

The technical challenges we mapped out to solve with new data architecture were plenty. We needed to make sure data from different places all worked together smoothly, fix complicated system setups that had been added over the years, and update reports so they show the latest information in real-time. 

To tackle these issues, we strategized with the client to modernize and migrate their on-premises data warehouse to Azure cloud. This encompassed a comprehensive migration of data, pipelines, reports, and visualizations, while minimizing disruption to ongoing business operations. 


The Hexaware Solution 

We analyzed the client’s core challenges and proposed a constructive solution to help the client achieve its goal of becoming a data-driven organization.  

To accelerate the transformation, we leveraged two modules of our enterprise cloud platform Amaze®—Amaze® for Assessment and Amaze® for Migration — to accelerate the transformation of their on-premises data and analytics ecosystem.  

Accelerated Data Transformation with Amaze®  

Amaze® automated the evaluation and creation of an optimal roadmap for data warehouse transformation. The evaluation covered individual components of data, data pipelines, and visualization layers. The platform’s metadata-driven assessment reports revealed the possibility of modernizing, consolidating, and optimizing the data warehouse before moving it to the Azure environment. 

Comprehensive Cloud Transformation with Azure  

Transforming into a sustainable powerhouse, our client embraced Azure Cloud. Automated data migrations optimized operations, cutting time and costs.   

Oracle Data Structures to Azure Synapse Analytics DB: We reduced migration time by 60% through automated deployments and data loads. 

PL/SQL Procedures to Azure Data Factory Pipeline: Accelerated migration with automated assessment, ingesting data into Azure Synapse Data Warehouse. 

SAP Business Objects Reports to Azure Power BI: Amaze® insights streamlined report migration, reducing transformation time by 40%. 


Single Source of Truth 

Stakeholders gain consolidated insights across global plant locations. 

Enhanced Decision Speed 

Real-time reporting accelerates decision-making for quicker time-to-market. 

Unified KPIs for Efficiency 

Harmonized KPIs enable better plant comparisons, boosting operational efficiency. 

On-Demand Scalability 

Cloud migration ensures scalable operations and lowers operational costs. 


With Azure cloud, our client now possesses unified data, real-time insights, and scalable operations. The new data architecture empowers them to innovate sustainably and respond to market demands.  

Our transformative solution leveraged our Amaze® platform to provide automated assessments and optimize the data warehouse. We achieved a 60% reduction in migration time for data structures, accelerated PL/SQL procedures migration, and streamlined SAP BO reports, cutting transformation time by 40%. 

By enabling the enterprise to foster a data-driven culture our transformation not only resolves current challenges but propels our client into a future of agility, efficiency, and its goal of environmental stewardship. 

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