Co-engineering World’s First Industry Data Sciences Cloud with Amaze® for Data & AI Co-engineering World’s First Industry Data Sciences Cloud with Amaze® for Data & AI

Co-engineering World’s First Industry Data Sciences Cloud with Amaze® for Data & AI

Revolutionizing Healthcare Data Management


Our client is a leading global clinical research organization. They help their customers drive healthcare forward and create breakthrough solutions by leveraging data, technology, and advanced analytics that transform business and patient outcomes. 


The client is one of the largest data companies in the healthcare sector with over 20 data centers.  


The healthcare giant wanted to migrate 98% of their workload to the cloud, specifically Snowflake and Cloud Era. Being one of the largest data companies in the healthcare sector, it was not an easy task because the cloud migration involved the following complex tasks:   

  • Migrate 15,191 servers from 20 datacenters 
  • Find help in selecting the appropriate Cloud Service Provider (CSP) 
  • Discover their existing cloud infrastructure 
  • Plan the migration meticulously  
  • Establish a secure landing zone for cloud 
  • Execute migration from various data centers to the cloud platform while ensuring data integrity and minimal disruptions 

 The client onboarded Hexaware to carry out seamless end-to-end migration. 


The world’s first Industry Data Sciences Cloud (IDSC).  

Hexaware leveraged its expertise in integrating Microsoft, Amaze®, and other third-party tools and co-engineered the world’s first Industry Data Sciences Cloud (IDSC) for the client.  

Amaze® is Hexaware’s state-of-the-art cloud platform that enables rapid transformation and deployment of data and analytics ecosystems on leading cloud platforms.  

The IDSC quickly and securely deployed cloud environments to access, manage, and analyze healthcare data in the following key focus areas:  

  • Clinical Trials 
  • Population Health 
  • Real-world Evidence 
  • Pre & Post Launch      
  • Patient Reported Outcomes 


IDSC, a unique capability equipped with fit-for-purpose healthcare data and AI-driven tools empowered the client to easily collect, study, combine, and protect data, facilitating informed decision-making.   

Hexaware followed a 3-phase iterative approach to execute the migration. The 3 phases included the following:  

 1. Discovery (6 weeks) 

  • Conducted automated discovery of the environment 
  • Revalidated baselines 
  • Evaluated dependencies and app integrations  
  • Leveraged tools Movere and TSO for cloud migration discovery 
  • Recommended migration treatment strategies (rehost vs. replatform) 

2. Assessment (6 weeks) 

  • Assessed migration complexity (simple, medium, and complex) 
  • Assessed migration treatment (rehost, replatform, and refactor) 
  • Identified and prioritized wave groups 
  • Verified cloud foundational assessment report 
  • Established a comprehensive migration calendar 

3. Migration (2 years) 

  • Defined cloud building blocks in collaboration with stakeholders and business units 
  • Set up security measures, networking infrastructure, operations protocols, high availability configurations & identity management 
  • Executed the cloud landing zone 
  • Automated the build using reusable templates 
  • Executed migration in well-planned wave groups  


The client used the solution to enable 5x faster identification of COVID-19 research patients, accelerating market entry for top COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.  

The solution yielded many other benefits for the clients, including:  

  • 20 petabytes processing of patient, commercial, real world, and genomics data on the cloud. 
  • 3x faster intelligence delivery and reporting while managing over 25 billion transactions annually. 
  • 3x improvement in patient recruitment and site selection through real-world data utilization. 
  • 5x faster COVID-19 patient identification.
  • 90% reduction in country-level analytics processing time (from 4 or 5 weeks to a mere few hours).
  • 75% reduction in the number of people needed for processing per region, optimizing resource allocation. 
  • Reduction in wait time through high-speed processing & delivery. 


Amaze® for Data & AI helped migrate & integrate data from a wide variety of sources, supporting operational, analytical, and self-service data interaction needs for R&Ds and beyond.  


Hexaware partnered with a global clinical research organization, migrating 98% of its workload to the cloud and co-engineering the world’s first Industry Data Sciences Cloud (IDSC). This cloud transformation revolutionized clinical trials, population health, and real-world evidence processes, accelerating COVID-19 research and streamlining data management for top vaccine manufacturers. 

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