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Connected ‘smart’ devices interlinked via the IoT (Internet of Things) framework are creating innovative business models. The interlinked devices produce vast amounts of data, leading to the rise of new services, which not only complement existing business models, but also open up new revenue streams. The IoT ecosystem will impact consumers and businesses alike, although certain uniquely complex challenges stand in the way of its adoption.

Hexaware reduces this complexity by offering a comprehensive IoT solution that integrates devices, sensors, middleware platforms, Big Data analytics, applications, and a lot more. We understand that IoT applications need a carefully customized and precise approach, based on individual client requirements, to maximize customer value. Our strong expertise in leveraging data – both within and outside the enterprise – combined with our world-class partner ecosystem, enables us to provide end-to-end IoT solutions.

How we do it

We offer holistic IoT solutions (see Figure 1) spanning consulting, strategy implementation, and operational support. Our solutions are completely aligned with your business process value chain to drive tangible value.

Figure 1: Hexaware IoT offerings

Our Differentiators

Superior Platform

Our proven platform is device-agnostic and has stood the test of time by supporting clients in a wide range of industries in over 120 countries.

Data Intelligence

Our Big Data platform Big Leap – is an intelligent, integrated workflow-based data management and analytics platform that helps organizations convert data into actionable insights.

End-to-end solutions

We are a one-stop IoT solution provider with world-class partnerships across all solution layers. Our device ecosystem comprises more than 40 different partners.

Our IoT Solutions

Hexaware offers the following IoT solutions:

Organizations often operate a fleet of vehicles to facilitate their daily operations. Profits are impacted by the level of operational excellence achieved and the effectiveness of optimization methodologies used in managing the fleet. Some of the key challenges that fleet owners typically confront are:

  • Difficulty in real-time fleet tracking and security
  • Low fleet utilization and operational efficiency
  • High fuel, maintenance, and repair costs

How our Fleet Management solution helps

1. Secure your fleet

  • Track and trace your vehicles in real time on a map-based interface
  • Define geo-fencing areas for designated operational zones
  • Enable driver identification and vehicle authorization

2. Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

  • Generate alerts for excessive idling, with the ability to remotely switch off engines
  • Set speed limits to avoid excessive fuel consumption
  • Monitor carbon emissions to meet compliance requirements and avoid fines

3. Gain 24×7 visibility into your fleet

  • Enable real-time vehicle location with advanced reverse geo-coding technique
  • Ensure round-the-clock, secure web-based monitoring from anywhere
  • Facilitate customized alerts and notifications for specific business needs

4. Improve your operational efficiency

  • Drive seamless integration with your enterprise’s back-end system
  • Gain superior business insights with Hexaware’s proprietary analytics engine built-in
  • Leverage basic and advanced reporting tools to meet every business need

Hexaware’s telematics solution for the insurance industry captures data from vehicles in real time and provides key insights into driver behavior and vehicle usage. This information, in turn, helps insurers offer customized insurance policies for different kinds of drivers, and reward safe drivers and fleet operators with lower premiums. Our pre-built algorithm set includes clustering algorithms as well as various regression models. These features help you rank drivers, identify and locate bad drivers in real time, and enable your fleet managers to take corrective actions at the right time.

Solution Highlights

  • Transparent and tamper-proof insurance premium calculation
  • Pre-built algorithms to accurately calculate driver ratings and vehicle usage
  • Predictive annual mileage calculation feature helps you adapt to need-based pricing bands
  • Quick and easy solution implementation

Tangible Benefits

  • Reduce insurance premiums by up to 25%
  • Enhance theft prevention with reverse geo-coding
  • Automate FNOL generation in case of accidents and faster subrogation process
  • Improve claims management and greater transparency with real-time data capture
  • Lower customer acquisition costs by leveraging driving behavior data
  • Improve adherence to compliance requirements

Hexaware offers a complete leasing solution using the latest IoT technologies for vehicle and equipment leasing companies. Underpinned by predictive analytics, the solution provides sharp business insights to assess equipment usage, and enable intelligent maintenance schedules as well as usage comparisons – across different geographies and environments.


  • Predict revenues with optimal usage-based pricing
  • Maximize asset uptime and lifespan with real-time data analysis
  • Reduce cost of asset recovery in case of theft
  • Improve market share by providing competitive pricing and innovative pricing models
  • Ensure better residual value for well-maintained assets
  • Enhance customer delight and increase profits
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