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Create compelling stories. Let your data do the talking!

Business Intelligence solutions are becoming smarter by incorporating the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to get data insights on the fly! As enterprises continue to collect massive amounts of relevant data, it becomes imperative that they are equipped with the ability to easily attach meaning to large volumes of complex datasets. The potential of data visualization is therefore paramount to business success, from aiding your executives interpret key results and performance on interactive, real-time dashboards, to breaking down complex algorithms that are otherwise impossible to comprehend as rows of text and numbers.

Why leverage Hexaware’s Data Visualization Services? 

With over 3 decades of expertise in the Business Intelligence & Analytics space, we have crafted intelligent solutions by integrating domain expertise (defining the KPIs catalogue) and technical expertise (metadata analysis, building data marts and dashboards) that deliver deep, real-time insights to the corresponding end-users, on intuitive, immersive platforms, 24*7. Here is a quick glimpse of our proven capabilities:

  • 1000+ projects delivered
  • Comprehensive Technology expertise (Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, SAP BO, ThoughtSpot)
  • 500+ BI developers

Innovation drives Hexaware. Over the years, we have enabled businesses identify and make the best of hidden opportunities, leveraging data. With our business SMEs and smart BI developers, we have come up with a revolutionary tool that enables self-service visualization capabilities, helping you uncover powerful insights and patterns for data-backed business decisions.

Machine Learning (ML) Visual Workbench

Hexaware’s ML Visual Workbench converts the text story into actionable dashboards within minutes. Let’s see how this works…

  • Step 1: User enters dashboard requirements story-line as free-flow text
  • Step 2: ML Visual Workbench NLP engine converts the inputs into measures, dimensions and required chart types
  • Step 3: Our random data generator produces sample datasets and creates mock dashboards.

That’s correct, as simple as that!

How can our Data Visualization capabilities help you?

  • Automated prototype creation
  • 20+ predefined dashboards
  • Dashboard recommendations
  • No data dependency
  • Powered with NLP capability
  • 250+ Industry specific KPIs repository
  • Over 50% reduction of efforts in the entire visualization lifecycle

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