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Are you still on SQL Server 2008?

SQL Server 2008 has been around for over a decade and we have grown to consider them as the giant old dinosaurs that lived for millions of technology years. But like all good things, SQL Server 2008 has also met the end-of-support. This undoubtedly is a crisis because the status quo is disrupted. Operating post the technology’s end-of-support poses potential security and compliance implications with risk of customer loss. There are several enterprises, both big and small, grappling with SQL Server 2008 transformation.

But this is also a huge opportunity. You can choose to take the path towards digital transformation thereby enhancing your customer experience. In this context, an SQL Server 2008 upgrade will enable you get into a transformative project and upgrade to the latest data architecture available in the market.

Amaze® for Data & AI enables seamless Cloud transformation

Our amaze® for Data & AI service offering addresses SQL Server 2008 end-of-support’s transformation challenge. We reckon that end-of-support is the ideal time to transform your IT estate with Cloud. But we understand that it can be tough to upgrade everything since the platform is not supported now. This is where amaze® for Data & AI will be of great help.

Unique features of amaze® for Data & AI

  • Automated transformation of on-premise DW to Cloud
  • Pilot with quick business value validation
  • Instant transformation from SQL Server 2008 to Cloud
  • Phase-wise transition plan
  • Automation-led IPs and tools

Key Benefits

  • Reduce time and efforts by 60% in the BI and ETL layer transformation cycle
  • 100% data governance
  • Faster time to market
  • Zero business disruption

Success Stories

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