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Living on the Cloud

In the VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world today, it is more important than ever before for enterprises to create a winning Data & AI strategy to enable digital transformation. The key to this is successful cloud data management and governance.

Managing analytical applications and services on the cloud requires a shift in approach from an on-premises ecosystem and attention to issues in terms of cost management of the cloud services.

Following areas require special focus for cloud transformation success:

  • Monitoring usage and scaling up or down to minimize cloud wastage
  • Cloud architecture skillsets for expert management and supervision
  • Compliance, security and governance on the cloud
  • Leveraging cloud stack for advanced predictive analytics, machine learning and data science capabilities

With amaze® for Data & AI, we offer complete Cloud Data Application operations support, pre-built cloud-native AI / ML libraries that ensure that our customers leverage the full benefits of cloud. Enterprises can build highly scalable advanced analytics solutions on top of the cloud ecosystem on platforms like Azure Machine Learning Service, AWS Sagemaker, GCP AI Platform. Enterprises can also establish data governance policies that cater to compliances like GDPR and ensure complete data integrity and data protection.

High-impact benefits delivered by amaze® for Data & AI include:

  • Over 50% reduction in TCO
  • Over 40% efforts reduction in the transformation

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