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Embracing the Cloud

Transforming the data warehouse and analytics workloads, to a cloud platform is a complex process, with significant risks involved in cost and time overruns. There are also challenges involved in impacting the business threatening successful cloud transformation.

Success in addressing these challenges is important to the ultimate goal of delivering value and ROI with zero disruption to business.

To ensure a cost-effective, timely and successful transformation to cloud, we recommend a three-step approach:

  1. Embracing the cloud
  2. Journey to the cloud
  3. Living on the cloud

Prerequisites for transforming BI, Analytics and Data workload to cloud:

  • Comprehensive cloud readiness assessment of the data landscape (ETL, Database and Reports)
  • Finalization of cloud transformation model to adopt (Single Cloud, Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud)
  • Visibility into what to transform ‘AS IS’ and what to reengineer from the ETL, database objects (tables, macros, views, procedures, functions and triggers) and visualization layer
  • Cloud Services and capacity analysis
  • Prioritization by business functions for the transformation

Our cloud transformation roadmap begins with Embracing the Cloud which includes assessing the cloud readiness of a data and analytics ecosystem followed by an automated deep discovery of the schema, metadata, databases, ETL, reporting and visualization layer.

While moving to the cloud, the first step is to identify how ready an enterprise is to undergo this massive transformation. The readiness should be gauged at organizational, data, IT, analytics and data governance level.

Hexaware, in collaboration with TDWI Research, has created an extensive, simple to understand cloud readiness assessment framework that gives out a readiness score within minutes. The responses will help to generate a feasibility score that can be used to advise the leadership team on what areas need to be focused before undertaking the cloud journey.

Once the readiness score is estimated, the next step is a deep discovery and evaluation of the DW application metadata, schema, ETL process, reporting and data visualization.

The deep discovery process is completely automated in the amaze® for Data & AIsuite. There are several connectors available in amaze® to assess the platforms of ETL, Database and Reporting. 


  • Quickly establish a strong business case for cloud adoption
  • Align data, BI and analytics workloads with desired strategic outcomes
  • Map capabilities of the cloud service provider
  • Develop an understanding about the cloud operating model
  • Understand the estimated timelines and budget

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