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Empower your Enterprise with an Analytics Center of Excellence

Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming customer experiences across industries by embracing personalization and customization at every touchpoint, making data the biggest monetary asset. But is it easy to embrace these benefits?

The biggest underlying challenge is building a smart team of stakeholders as follows:

  1. SMEs for understanding the crux of the business
  2. Data Engineers to make data available for Analytics
  3. Statisticians and Data Scientists to build Machine Learning models
  4. Developers to make these models consumable

Building such teams from scratch could be risky as enterprises might incur exorbitant costs and have to invest significant amount of time with minimal returns. 

Why Hexaware?

Our Decision Sciences Lab is the perfect solution for enterprises as it offers a lab sandbox -environment where they can pilot multiple use-cases and experiment. We offer a highly competent data science community consisting of statisticians, ML engineers, business analysts, data analysts and developers who bring rigor, performance and speed to help organizations embrace data science with zero upfront investments. 

  • 100+ Data Scientists
  • 10+ Fortune 500 Clients
  • 50+ projects delivered

About our Decision Sciences Lab

Hexaware’s Decision Sciences Lab is aligned with the innovative 7E approach:

Explore & Elaborate – Analyze and articulate market trends and use-cases

Evaluate & Evangelize – Assess, select and socialize solutions & methodologies

Empower, Engage & Expand – Enable the community to explore unchartered areas and breach boundaries to deliver newer insights to your customers

Innovative 7E approach


  • Get started on your analytics program with zero upfront investments
  • Instant access to best in class tools and technologies
  • Complete your first pilot in as early as 2 weeks
  • Leverage ML Lab sandbox environment on Cloud (Azure, AWS)

Innovate with our Decision Sciences Lab

Hexaware's Decision Sciences Lab is aligned with the innovative 7E approach: Explore & Elaborate, Evaluate & Evangelize, Empower, Engage & Expand.

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