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    • Is your Digital Transformation hampered with a lack of alignment between your IT and LOB functions?

    • Battling with inflexibility, poor scalability and mounting costs from your legacy data environments?

    • Aspiring to fast-track your way to achieving real-time data integrations with operational systems?

    • Aspiring to fast-track your way to achieving real-time data integrations with operational systems?

    • On the look-out for a single-point solution for all your data management worries?

    • Interested in maximizing equipment uptime and lifespan through real time monitoring?

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The Business Need

Enterprises across the globe are on a continuous mission to differentiate themselves and their offerings from a crowded marketplace. While some take the path of achieving distinction through Product Leadership, many turn to Operational Excellence or superior Customer Intimacy as their winning business differentiator.

Irrespective of the strategy adopted, harnessing the true value of their biggest asset – ‘Data’, becomes critical in unlocking hidden insights and discovering new opportunities to sustain and further their business growth. In today’s hyper-connected world, data (structured / unstructured / semi-structured) carrying critical information is soaring high in volume.

Enterprises today, aspire to convert their structured and unstructured data into valuable insights in real-time.

The rapid growth of information is leading to a unique challenge in extracting relevant information from volumes of diverse and unstructured data. Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics addresses these challenges by leveraging the potential of Big Data. Continued innovations in this space has made this fast, secure and error-free while unravelling deeper and hidden insights, all on the fly.

Maximize Data, Knowledge and Value with us

Hexaware’s Business Intelligence & Analytics services help enterprises understand current trends, predict the future accurately and analyze & combat risks, well in advance. We utilize next generation technologies to help design BI and Analytics applications which aid enterprises boost ROI by drawing 360 – degree insights about their business, customers, market and products.

Our services bring in agility to your data landscape helping you cater effectively to all critical business exigencies. Our service portfolio includes Modern Data Architecture Consulting, Enterprise Data Management, Advanced Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), Data Visualization and Managed Analytics Services.

We have successfully partnered with and delivered on 100+ enterprise-level engagements by leveraging our strong partner ecosystem with the best tech companies of the world and a suite of industry-leading IPs and accelerators. Our expert team of data scientists and BI specialists with their strong domain expertise have built highly accurate Machine Learning algorithms and state-of-the-art dashboards which will help you define and manage your strategies, plans, budgets, etc. and enhance profitability by providing precise, on-demand visibility to senior executives.

Enterprises can experience the true potential of automation, mobility and AI / ML by leveraging our IPs when developing data lakes, data warehouses, reports & dashboards to achieve operational excellence.

Our BI & Analytics Service-line is powered by:

  • Partner Ecosystem: AWS, Azure, Snowflake, Databricks
  • 100+ Engagements
  • 30+ IPs and Tools
  • 1.5K Data Specialists
  • 30+ Center of Excellence Labs

Embracing the cloud | Journey to the cloud | Living on the Cloud

Know more about our 3-Step Approach to Cloud DW, BI and Analytics for a cost-effective, timely and successful migration.

BI&A Offering

  • Amaze® for Data & AI

    Modernize your Data Warehouse and Analytics Landscape with us!

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  • Data Modernization

    Gain business agility with our Enterprise Data Management Offerings

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  • Decision Sciences Lab

    Empower your enterprise with an Analytics Center of Excellence

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  • Data Visualization

    Simplify complex data & create compelling stories with our Data Visualization capabilities

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  • Internet of Things

    Equip your IoT ecosystem with ‘Smart’ & meaningful data

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