Your Journey to Cloud Adoption and Application Migration

Your Journey to Cloud Adoption and Application Migration

During the pre-cloud age, expenses of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, software development and its maintenance was high and many a times requirements became out-of-scope as they exceeded the budget. Automation and cloud have been the game-changers as a result of which democratization of technology and IT infrastructure have become possible at secure, reliable and economical costs.

Though cloud adoption is gaining power, cloud is still cloudy for many organizations as they face numerous challenges and do not have clarity regarding the various cloud services. It takes an expert to know which cloud adoption option to go for as per their specific needs. But lack of proper guidance has resulted in enterprises undergoing a trial and error approach and not being able to gain maximum advantage from migration to cloud native application architectures.

Hexaware the cloud solution experts have researched significantly on enterprise needs and this has enabled them to come up with the unique Amaze™ suite of application replatforming solutions. Amaze™ assesses the challenges faced and uses automation to migrate to cloud in a quicker and cost-effective way. It not only analyzes the existing functionality to change only the required code but also provides complete application transformation and replatforming support with assistance in post implementation functionalities.

Know about overcoming challenges in replatforming to cloud, getting started with the pilot engagement, the program delivery, the handover and warranty details, etc. by downloading this whitepaper

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