Microservices Architecture – for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Microservices Architecture – for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Software is the controlling factor behind the success and efficiency of all IT organizations. Mammoth sized applications have taken a backseat because of the disadvantages of complexities in development, cumbersome maintenance and the costs involved. Smaller applications like Microservices and Microservices based architecture that can be integrated into larger ones but at the same time are easy to manage, maintain, are not platform or technology dependent as well as standardized are highly in demand.

What makes the Microservices architecture unique is the advantage of it being exclusive and continuously developed, separately maintainable and when assembled having the capacity to achieve the overall purpose. Microservices provided numerous benefits include:

  • Technology independence and cost effectiveness
  • Maintainability, easy testability and fault tolerance
  • Independent deployment, scalability, etc.

Based on service orchestration, coordination and aggregation techniques the Microservices architecture have been depicted in a diagrammatic representation, classified into sub-patterns and their pros and cons have been discussed in detail.

To explore the Hexaware expert’s views about the features and functionalities of Microservices Architecture, get this detailed collateral.

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